Kim Tae-gun came to KIA after Park Dong-won’s pain… And even a 3R rookie, a big turnaround for the housewife? ‘I won’t die’

“The pop time to second base is not inferior to that of professional players.”

It was somewhat predictable that KIA selected right-hander Cho Dae-hyeon (Gangneung High School) in the first round of the 2024 rookie draft. KIA, which had the 6th pick in the first round, made the best choice in that order. Anyway, the Big 5 (Hanwha Hwang Jun-seo, Doosan Kim Taek-yeon, Lotte Jeon Mir, Samsung Yook Seon-yeop, NC Kim Hwi-geon) went as expected, and now it is important to develop Cho Dae-hyun well within the club’s training system.

For KIA, which gave up its second-round pick to Kiwoom, selections in the first and third rounds were very important. In any case, from the 4th to 5th round, any team is fostered with a focus on potential, focusing on 1 or 2 strengths rather than an immediate sense of power or priority for training. Of course, we must consider the possibility of failure.

It would have been best if KIA could select one of the Big 5 in the first round, but they made the best choice given the situation. So the third round selection was very important in our self-evaluation of this draft. In that respect, I was very satisfied with the selection of catcher Lee Sang-jun (Gyeonggi High School) in the third round.

In fact, KIA used 3 minutes of time before selecting Lee Sang-jun. According to KIA’s own analysis, Lee Sang-jun was a catcher who would be taken by other teams. However, contrary to expectations, when Lee Sang-jun remained, after a brief meeting on site, the plan was changed and Lee Sang-jun was selected.온라인바카라

Director Shim Jae-hak said, “It exceeded expectations. He honestly thought he would get out front. I am fortunate to have selected the biggest catcher in high school in the 3rd round. “He has a lot of potential to become a great catcher.” At the same time, “the pop time to second base (the time it takes for a catcher to catch a pitch from a pitcher and then throw it to second base. The shorter it is, the more competitive it is) is not inferior to that of professional players. “He also has good defense.”

Another KIA official said, “Lee Sang-jun, who is 181 cm tall and 105 kg, is evaluated as having strong shoulders and slugging power. In particular, Lee Sang-jun, who played as a catcher for the national team in the 31st World Youth Baseball Championship held this year, is a player who is expected to perform as a starting catcher with offense and defense in the future.”

A year ago, KIA had to pay a heavy price for Kiwoom by effectively using Park Dong-won (LG) as a ‘half-time rental’. Still, after persistent negotiations with Samsung, Taegun Kim was brought in. Taegun Kim is very active in offense and defense, contributing greatly to KIA’s battle for rankings.

Backup is the season in which Han Junsu was truly discovered. It was expected that transfer student Joo Hyo-sang would revitalize Han Seung-taek, who had been on the team for a long time, but instead, they were pleased with Han Jun-su’s long-shot power. Here, Lee Sang-jun also has the ability to take time and nurture. If the non-FA negotiations with Kim Tae-goon go well, KIA’s home defense depth could be quite abundant.

There is no way to die one way or another. It was a draft where catchers were rare compared to last year, but KIA had unexpected fun. Now all that remains is to train well in the field.


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