Kim Ki-hyeon “We will make sure that the party’s sincerity is not damaged or faded in the May 18 Democratization Movement.”

On the 18th, Kim Ki-hyun, CEO of People’s메이저사이트 Power, said, “The spirit of May is a precious history and asset of the Republic of Korea,” and “Everyone living in this era has a responsibility to inherit the spirit of May.”

Representative Kim said at the Supreme Council meeting held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju on the 43rd anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement, “We are living today enjoying freedom, human rights, peace, and democracy because of the valuable sacrifices of that day.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “The power of the people will ensure that our party’s sincerity for the 5/18 democratization movement will not be damaged or faded.” did.

Referring to the fact that most of the party members visited Gwangju this year as well as last year, CEO Kim said, “At the ceremony commemorating the May 18th Democratization Movement, we all sang the march for our loved ones with one heart, and we can remember the shouts of freedom and justice that resounded in Gwangju 43 years ago. will,” he said.

CEO Kim said, “Recently, the prosecution changed 61 citizens who received suspension of prosecution for participating in the May 18 Democratization Movement to ‘not guilty.’” It has been done, and although it is late, it is very fortunate.”

“There can be no politics before the spirit of May. He pointed out that the noble sacrifice of the heroic souls of the democracy should not be regarded as the political exclusive property of a specific person or group,” and that “this misleads the sacrifice of the heroic souls of the democracy, and it will not be a duty to the citizens of Gwangju and Honam.”

In addition, “Admiral Yi Sun-sin said, ‘Yakmu Honam Simu State’ (若無湖南 是無國·meaning that there is no country without Honam)” and “the power of our people will continue I will be with Honam citizens,” he said.


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