Kim Joo-hyung “It’s amazing to participate as a player in a tournament I came to as a fan three years ago”

안전놀이터 who is participating in the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational, recalled memories of watching this tournament as a fan three years ago.

At an official press conference held at the Riviera Country Club in Palisades, California, USA on the 16th (Korean time), the day before the opening of the tournament, Kim Joo-hyung said, “I watched the game outside the ropes before, but it is amazing and good to be able to play here.”

Kim Joo-hyung will participate for the first time at the Genesis Invitational, a ‘special competition’ hosted by Tiger Woods (USA).

Kim Joo-hyung, who came to watch this tournament while training in the United States in 2020, recalled, “I was near the putting green, and Tiger Woods was busy. I saw many other famous people, but of course, seeing Woods was the most amazing.”

Finally, he did not hide the overwhelming feeling of entering this competition as a player.

Kim Joo-hyung, who said, “I had almost no chance to play with Woods after joining the PGA Tour,” said Kim Joo-hyung, who said, “So just being able to play together like this is special and good.” seems to be changing,” he said.

He added, “The players are also in a different mood. I am a player myself, but I like to watch Woods play. I am happy that he is back.”

Kim Joo-hyung, who reached the peak of two wins on the PGA Tour at a younger age than Woods, said, “Woods has amazing records, but I’ve only just made one,” and said, “Comparing itself is difficult, but I still have names with him.” It’s an honor and a special and grateful thing to be able to do it.”

Kim Joo-hyung, who played 18 holes at Riviera Country Club last week and played 9 holes the day before, said, “The course is fantastic. The condition of the course is really good and the golf course itself is very special. It’s good,” he said with satisfaction.

Having won both PGA Tour titles last fall, he said, “I am learning right now. I have not yet experienced all the courses. I don’t know if it will suit me well or if I can play good golf when I enter the tournament every week.” , I want to continue to experience and grow into a big player. I want to achieve the goals I set one by one. And I want to improve little by little every year.”

Kim Joo-hyung said, “I want to win at least once every year.”

Kim Joo-hyung, who stands tall as a representative of Asia, said, “The process of coming to the United States was not easy. Rather than trying to be a role model, I want to show that it is really possible and that it is possible to achieve a dream if you put in great effort.” You have to put in a lot of effort, and then you can really make your dreams come true.” He gave advice to Asian players who dream of advancing to the American stage.


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