Kim Ji-young’s determination to make a new start at Shinhan Bank, “as if she was originally in Incheon”

Kim Ji-young (25, 171cm), who made a fresh start at Shinhan Bank, expressed her determination.

On the 1st, Woori Bank in Asan and Shinhan Bank in Incheon conducted a one-to-one trade. Forward Yoo Seung-hee heads to Woori Bank, and guard Kim Ji-young wears a Shinhan Bank uniform. On the 31st, Kim Ji-young, who was nominated as a free agent compensation player by Kim Jong-un, was traded again in one day, opening the second act of his basketball life in Incheon.

In a phone call with this magazine, Kim Ji-young said, “I heard that Shinhan Bank wanted me. Incheon is a very familiar place to me. I spent my school days, and I played a lot of games from a young age. It’s not strange at all because it feels like I’ve returned to my hometown.”

Kim Ji-young, a graduate of Inseong Girls’ High School, was called by Hana 1 Q in the 2nd round and 3rd place in the 2016 WKBL New Player Selection. He played 8 seasons in Hana 1Q alone, averaging 18 minutes and 54 seconds in 212 games, averaging 4.8 points, 1.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists. It is said that he shed many tears when he heard the news of the trade because he had been in Bucheon for a long time.

“Actually, I had the feeling that I would go to another team. So I was expecting it, but when I first heard the story, I cried as I recalled memories from Hana 1 Q. It was sad to part with his dear colleagues. I never thought, ‘I’ve been dumped for another 메이저사이트team’.” Jiyoung Kim says:

Shinhan Bank’s off-season training call is on the 8th. Kim Ji-young, who had already been building her body at Hana 1Q, has been working on her personal training outside for a week. She also underwent finger surgery after the end of last season, so she is also undergoing rehabilitation.

Kim Ji-young said, “I contacted Shinhan Bank’s general manager and director Guna-dan, and he asked me to rest comfortably for another week. He is in the midst of finger rehabilitation, so he goes to the Incheon Rehabilitation Center after finding out about it. He still has a hard time training with the ball. Hana 1Q set the time to return from the end of May to the beginning of June, but since he has moved teams, he seems to have to talk to the trainer at Shinhan Bank again,” he said about his physical condition. 

Jiyoung Kim’s greatest strength is her quick attack and breakthrough using her quick feet. Director Shinhan Bank Guo-dan also enjoys using early offense tactics, so his compatibility is expected to match well.

Kim Ji-young said, “Shinhan Bank has a lot of quick attacks, and the rotation in defense is good. If I melt into the current system well, I think it will definitely be a plus. I transferred for the first time after 7 years of his debut, and I will show good play by integrating well with my teammates so that I feel like a player who was originally in Incheon.”


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