Killed only female members of the church to get back at Christian in-laws

May 20, 2009. A woman in her 40s was murdered with a machete in an alleyway in front of a church in Buk-gu, Gwangju. She was defecated on her way to meet her family after church. It was a premeditated attack at 9:20 p.m., when the victim was alone. The victim was unharmed. It was suspected that the murder was the result of a grudge match. However, the victim was a professional woman who worked as a doctor and did not have a grudge against anyone.

Ms. Park being taken into custody (Photo: News)
When police raided her home in July of that year, she was washing her clothes. She was removing the victim’s blood from her clothes. Police found the victim’s blood on Park’s car and clothes, and he was taken into custody. When police investigated, they realized that she was the same person who murdered a female church member 12 days before the incident메이저사이트. The killer’s stated motive was “I don’t like people who go to churches and cathedrals.”

The killer in this case was a man in his 30s named Park Mo Mo. Mr. Park had dropped out of college and worked as a civil servant. He had always suffered from depression, so he couldn’t settle down and changed jobs. Eventually, he became unemployed. At the urging of his parents, he married a Mongolian woman in July 2008. Mr. Park’s wife found life in Korea difficult because she was homesick for her homeland. The couple often argued. In April 2009, Park’s wife returned to her home country.

When Mr. Park traveled to Mongolia to follow her, he was disowned by his in-laws. The in-laws told him not to “look for her” because she “went to church and didn’t come back.” In fact, his wife was a churchgoer, but Mr. Park misunderstood that his in-laws, who were of the same religion, had harmed her. This was the beginning of his vague hostility toward religious people.

Upon returning to South Korea, Mr. Park decided to kill religious people. He began visiting churches and cathedrals looking for targets and committed his first murder on May 8, 2009. His first victim was a woman in her 40s who was leaving a church service in Gwangju. Park never met the victim before committing his second crime in front of the church.

The “don’t ask, don’t tell” murders, which only targeted women among religious people, raised eyebrows in the community as well as the religious community. The court sentenced Park to life imprisonment. The brutality of the method and the elaborate planning of the crime were aggravating factors. In addition, the fact that he dumped the murder weapon in a reservoir, which confused the investigation, and was caught washing his bloody clothes was also a mitigating factor. Notably, the court sentenced Mr. Park to life imprisonment with a recommended sentence of ‘no parole’. The court made it clear that Mr. Park would not be eligible for parole while serving his sentence.


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