KIA adjusts roster for ‘forced bullpen day’, releases Kim Ki-hoon + Jeon Sang-hyun…calls up Kim Yoo-shin + Park Jun-pyo

The KIA Tigers have made a bullpen adjustment메이저사이트.

Manager Kim Jong-kook has removed Kim Ki-hoon from the active roster and called up Kim Yoo-shin and Park Jun-pyo ahead of their game against the LG Twins on Saturday at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. Kim Ki-hoon made his return to the mound following his automatic ejection for a head shot against the Daejeon Hanwha on the 25th, throwing 15 pitches before walking three straight batters. Jeon Sang-hyun also appeared in the game and recorded two strikeouts in ⅔ innings.

Coach Kim said, “I think Kim Ki-hoon needs to readjust. He needs to find his balance and confidence. It’s a dimension of having an adjustment period in the Futures.” Regarding Jeon Sang-hyun, Kim said, “He said he felt some discomfort in his shoulder after his pitch yesterday. I checked it, but there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a rest decision.”

Kim Yoo-shin and Park Jun-pyo are making their first first-team appearances of the season. In nine games and 23 innings in the Futures (second-tier) League, Kim is 2-0 with no losses and a 5.48 ERA. Jun-pyo Park has a 1-0 record, 2 saves, 1 hold, and a 6.59 ERA in 15 games and 13⅔ innings pitched.


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