KGC’s counterattack point in the second game was 3 points… 19% of 3-pointers in Game 1

Anyang KGC, which is challenging the메이저사이트 second integrated championship in the club’s history, gave the first leg of the home game of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ championship match (4 best-of-7) held on the 25th to Seoul SK 69-77. The seesaw game was played until the middle of the 4th quarter, but after that, the flow of the game was given and the first loss was suffered. For KGC, the second game at home on the 27th is very important. As the 3rd to 5th games unfold one after another in SK’s home room, the 2nd game must be caught. Since SK shows a fairly strong aspect at home, if they give up even the second game, they can be cornered.

Looking at the record, KGC’s overall performance in the first game was not too bad. Lens Abando, which was expected, did not burst, but Omari Spellman, Oh Se-geun, and Byun Jun-hyung were the center of the game. In the rebound fight, they led 39-31. Most of the records such as assists, steals, and turnovers were also equal to SK. The only thing missing was the 3-point shot.

KGC attempted a total of 31 3-pointers in Game 1, but only hit 6. The success rate remained at 19%. It is in contrast to the high 3-point shot success rate of 38.4% on average in 6 matches with SK in the regular league. There were some 3-point shots that were rushed by SK’s defense, but there were also a lot of 3-pointers that were missed even after creating chances. Spellman who enjoys attacking the perimeter was only 21% (14 attempts, 3 successes), and 3&D (3-point shot and defense) resource Moon Seong-gon was only 20% (5 attempts, 1 success). Even so, Byun Jun-hyeong had the highest 3-point shooting success rate of 29% among KGC players.

KGC played 54 regular league games and had a 3-point success rate of 33.9%, the second highest among 10 teams. The average number of 3-point attempts was 26.4 and the number of attempts made was 8.9, the highest among 10 clubs in both categories. He was active in attempting 3-point shots, and the success rate was also high. However, in the first round of the championship match, the efficiency dropped significantly. Attention is focusing on whether KGC will be able to win the second game by recovering one of the team’s strengths, the 3-point shot success rate.


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