Jo Myung-woo’s momentum pierces the sky… ‘Taebaek Mountain Boat’ also won, 5th summit in 5 months

Jo Myung-woo’s momentum is scary.

This is the 5th championship in the last 5 months.

Cho Myung-woo (2nd place, Silk Road C&T, Seoul City Hall) defeated Cha Myung-jong (Incheon City Sports Association) in the men’s final of the ‘2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National 3-Cushion Billiards Competition (hereafter Taebaek Mountain Cup)’ held at Gowon Gymnasium in Taebaek City, Gangwon-do on the 6th 50:22 (30 innings) and climbed to the top. In this tournament, including doubles, it is 2 crowns.

With this, Jo Myung-woo showed 메이저사이트off his spirit by lifting 5 championship cups in domestic and international competitions in the last 5 months. This year, in this competition, ‘The 11th National Territory Central Championships’ and ’11th Asian Carom Championships’ in March, last year, ‘Dongte Donghae Cup’ in November, and ‘Egypt Sharm El Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup’ in December. .

On the other hand, Cha Myung-jong challenged to the top of the national competition in 1 year and 7 months after the ‘Millennial Light Glory National Billiards Competition’ in December 2021, but was unfortunately canceled.

Haengjik Kim (Jeonnam) and Heo Jeonghan (Gyeongnam) tied for 3rd place.

The final match between Cho Myung-woo and Cha Myung-jong was tight at 12:12 until the 13th inning. However, as the mid-game passed, the match’s additional weight fell to Jo Myung-woo. Jo Myung-woo scored 8 points in 14-15 innings and 11 points in 21-22 innings, quickly widening the score gap to 15 points (33:18).

On the other hand, Cha Myung-jong, who recorded an average of 2 points in the quarter-finals (2.174) and semi-finals (2.083), did not solve his attack in the final due to poor condition and bad luck. Cho Myung-woo ran away when Cha Myung-jong fell into empty hits for 5 consecutive innings (23-27 innings) in the second half of the game. Jo Myung-woo, who scored consecutively in 24 innings (3 points), 25 innings (2 points) and 27 innings (3 points), made the score 41:18 and virtually decided the game.

Jo Myung-woo, who caught the win, scored 1 point in 28 innings, followed by 4 points each in 29-30 innings, and finished the game with all 8 remaining points up to 50 points.

Jo Myung-woo defeated Kang Ja-in in the quarterfinals with a score of 50:31 (32 innings) and Heo Jung-han in the fourth round with a score of 50:24 (25 innings) to advance to the final. Cha Myung-jong defeated Jeong Ye-seong 50:28 (23 innings) in the quarterfinals and Kim Haeng-jik 50:41 (24 innings) in the fourth round.A total of 224 players participated in the men’s section (professional players) of this ‘Taebaek Mountain Cup’, and the winner was determined by a tournament from the round of 256 to the final.


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