Jeonbuk pays 500 million won for buyout and embraces Suwon FC’multi-talented player’ Kim Gun-woong

Suwon FC’s defensive midfielder Kim Geon-woong (25) is transferring to Jeonbuk Hyundai, a prestigious K-League.

On the 12th, multiple officials who are familiar with the K-League transfer circumstances hinted, “Kim Geon-woong moved his nest to Jeonbuk.

Kim Geon-woong, who was born in Ulsan youth, wore a Suwon FC uniform with a love call from manager Kim Do-gyun, who was a ‘gift’ two years ago. It was indeed the hidden protagonist of Suwon FC’s blast. He played in 26 matches and helped the team to promote to the K League 1. Kim Geon-woong, who was a decent defensive midfielder, transformed into a center back last season and burst into ‘poten (possibility)’. Kim Geon-woong, who is 1m85 and 81kg in solid physical condition, has an eye to read the game and strong kicking power, played an active part in the center of the three-back. ‘Promotion team’ Suwon FC played a decisive role in climbing to 5th place that no one expected.

Then, a love call from a big club followed. FC Seoul, Jeonbuk, and Ulsan Hyundai jumped into the race to recruit Kim Gun-woong. However, Kim Gun-woong’s choice was to stay. During winter training in Jeju Island in January, Kim Gun-woong said, “Actually, Suwon FC is good, but it is also true that I was shaken by the thought that I wanted to experience it at a bigger club.” He said, ‘I will help you grow.’ That’s the biggest reason.” 토토

Even after this season ended, Kim Gun-woong became the main target for Jeonbuk and Seoul. In the end, Jeonbuk was able to embrace Kim Geon-woong ahead of Seoul in a fierce recruiting match at the beginning of this month during the World Cup break. Defensive midfielder, center back, and multi-talented Kim Gun-woong also had another ‘special condition’. He was exempted from military service as a gold medal member of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. He went to training center early last year.

Jeonbuk achieved good results by winning the FA Cup in the 2022 season and finishing runners-up in the K-League. However, problems were revealed in the central defense, and the midfield was also weak. In particular, players who played as defensive midfielders, such as Baek Seung-ho and Kim Jin-gyu, frequently created dangerous situations with their offensive abilities ahead of defense. However, with Kim Jin-gyu enlisting in the military, Jeonbuk was able to have a sense of stability as a midfielder by recruiting ‘holding midfielder’ Kim Gun-woong. Baek Seung-ho, who had a heavy burden on defense, was able to use more offensive power.


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