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Jeonbuk Hyundai shines in the World Cup… ‘First Quenching’ after FA Championship

Professional soccer Jeonbuk Hyundai players appeared on the training ground for the first time after winning the FA Cup.

In preparation for next year’s season, we have begun to harden in earnest.

Players who played at the World Cup in Qatar will also be joining training soon.

Reporter Lee Jong-wan has been there.


Players are warming up before intense training at the clubhouse.

It was about 50 days after winning the FA Cup that we went to basic training.

As the players took a break for nearly two months, they plan to focus on strengthening their muscles, endurance, and basic physical strength.

[Soundbite] Jeong-Ho Hong/Chief of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors : “This season was a season that leaves much to be desired. Next season, new players and our Jeonbuk players who played an active part in this World Cup will prepare well in a good atmosphere with great expectations…”]

At the World Cup in Qatar Among the six players who made a big success, the remaining five players, excluding Bum-keun Song, who moved to the J-League, will soon join the training.

It is expected to be around the 16th of next month, when he leaves for Spain for battery training, and it is expected to raise the team atmosphere to the fullest with recent attention.

Jeonbuk plans to make efforts to reinforce their strength to regain the top spot in the regular league and Asian Champions League, which have fallen from the threshold of winning this season.

[Soundbite] KIM Sang-sik/Jeonbuk Hyundai Manager : “I think we need to show a good performance by recruiting well to show a more active and younger player base, and the foreign quota system has the advantage of increasing the number of players to 5…”] 토토사이트

K-League History Jeonbuk Hyundai holds the record for the first 5 consecutive victories and the most victories with 9.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, which only won the FA Cup this season, is already raising expectations among the people of the province whether Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors will be able to achieve triple trophies next season, including winning the regular league, FA Cup, and Asian Cup thanks to the great success of World Cup players.