Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis dominates with UD Victory

In what was the co-feature to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia, welterweight contender Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis (25-0) faced Karen Chukhadzhian (21-2) for the IBF interim title. The fight was less than entertaining, but in the end, Ennis secured the unanimous decision victory as all three judges scored the bout 120-108.

In the first round, Ennis utilized his laser-sharp 메이저사이트 left jab while using his feet to cut off the ring. Ennis seamlessly switched to southpaw in the middle of the round, giving Chukhadzhian a different look. Ennis looked as though he was a little too hyped and was lunging on some of his shots. During the second round, Ennis changed levels with his jab, giving Chukhadzhian problems, and he avoided Ennis the whole round. Ennis fought the whole round, mostly southpaw, and it worked for him.

Ennis switched back to conventional at the beginning of the third round in order to give Chukhadzhian a different look. Ennis was faster to the punch, but there were a few moments where he let up his defense, and Chukhadzhian took advantage. In the fourth, Ennis displayed how well he could fight in both stances but was forcing some shots. Chukhadzhian kept moving around the ring with Ennis following him, which didn’t allow much action to occur.

Round five saw Chukhadzhian land some of the more significant punches and may have won the round. Ennis was trying too hard to land that big shot, and it created opportunities for Chukhadzhian. During round six, the crowd started to get antsy as Chukhadzhian was doing more movement than punching. At the same time, Ennis continued to create offense but found himself lunging more than he normally does during his fights.

Although Chukhadzhian seemed to have slowed down during round seven, it was more of the same pressure by Ennis while following Chukhadzhian around the ring instead of cutting it off.
The boo birds came out in round eight as they wanted more from this co-main event which lasted through the ninth round.

In the tenth, a left hook to the body by Ennis nearly folded Chukhadzhian, which caused him to go into full defense mode. Ennis poured on the offense but ran out of time as the round ended. Rounds eleven and twelve were more of the same, with Ennis dictating the pressure. Ennis came out with the dominant victory, but the matchup would not further amplify his name.

After the fight, Ennis had this to say “I learned to just take my time and to not rush anything. I’m glad I went 12 rounds. It felt great. I felt I was in the best shape. I just needed to throw a little more punches. I should have got him out of there. He ran a lot. Hats off to him since a lot of guys didn’t want to fight me. So shout out to him for coming here and taking this fight. Everyone knows that I want Errol Spence and the winner of Virgil Ortiz and (Eimantas) Stanionis. You know – all the top guys. Let’s get it, you know?”


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