‘Japanese version of Lotte’ Hanshin, does it really win in 38 years? Japanese media “Hanshin and Orix can win together for the first time in history”

Hanshin Tigers and Orix Buffaloes, who are based in the Kansai region of Japan, are increasing their chances of winning together.

On the 28th, Nikkan Sports, a Japanese media outlet, shed light on the progress of Hanshin and Orix, saying, “Both Hanshin and Orix can confirm the league championship on September 10th at the earliest.”

Hanshin is a popular Japanese professional baseball team that is often compared to Lotte in the KBO League. The hometown of Osaka (the home stadium of Koshien Stadium is located in Hyogo Prefecture) is well-known as a city similar to Lotte’s hometown of Busan, has a passionate fandom, and has not won a championship for a long time.

Hanshin, who has not won the Japan Series since 1985, has recorded 69 wins, 4 draws and 42 losses this season with a win rate of .622, leading the Central League. They are 7 games ahead of second place Hiroshima (63 wins, 4 draws, 50 losses).

Like Hanshin, Osaka-based Orix is ​​getting closer and closer to winning the Pacific League. It recorded 68 wins, 4 draws and 40 losses with a win rate of .630, leading by 10.5 games to second place Chiba Lotte (56 wins, 5 draws, 49 losses).토토사이트

Nikkan Sports said, “If the Central League and Pacific League championships are confirmed on the same day, it will be the first time in 65 years since Yomiuri and Nishitetsu (now Seibu) won the championship at the same time in 1958. It is the fourth record in history,” he explained.

It is the first time in history that two teams from the Kansai region have won the league title at the same time. Even during the days of Hankyu, the predecessor of Orix, Hanshin and Orix have never won the league championship at the same time. Hankyu in 1984 and Hanshin in 1985 each won the championship, but they failed to win together with a difference of one year.

Nikkan Sports said, “In 1995 and 1996, when Orix won the league for the second consecutive year, Hanshin stayed at the bottom for two consecutive years. Orix also won two league titles in a row in 2021 and 2022, but Hanshin finished second and third in the league. On the contrary, in 2003, when Hanshin won the championship, Orix finished at the bottom, and in 2005, Orix stayed in 4th place.

Hanshin and Orix, who have never won a championship in the same league, have never faced each other in the Japan Series. If both teams come up to the Japanese Series this time, it will be the first ever Japan Series confrontation. Unlike Hanshin, whose first and last championship was in 1985, Orix won its fifth Japan Series title last year following 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1996.


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