Jamsil 1.4 billion, Eunma 1.7 billion…’Finally the bottom’ Foreigners who bought Seoul apartments

 From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, it was found that outsiders bought a large number of apartments in Seoul. At this time, the price of apartments in Seoul recorded the lowest point based on actual transaction statistics토토사이트. In other words, foreign investors in the provinces were actively investing in Seoul at the time when house prices were bottoming out.

On the 16th, Financial News analyzed the proportion of purchases by foreigners in Seoul apartments by the Korea Real Estate Agency, and it was investigated that it was 36% in December last year. Four out of 10 apartment sales transactions in Seoul were bought by outsiders, the highest monthly figure since the related statistical survey.

From January to November of last year, the average share of non-residents in apartments in Seoul was only 21.4%. It rose from 18.7% in October to 22.1% in November and recorded 36% in December. The share of outsiders was 29.1% in January this year as well, ranking second on a monthly basis. It is also recording 25% in February and March.

What is noteworthy is that apartment prices in Seoul bottomed out in December of last year and began to rebound slightly from January of the following year.According to the statistics of real transaction apartment prices by the Korea Real Estate Agency, the bottom of the sales price for apartments in Seoul was December 2022 (sales index 141.5 · change rate 

-3.56 %). Since then, it has risen by 1.10% in January, 1.95% in February, 1.61% in March, and 1.65 in April.However, it was common for sample statistics and the atmosphere at the time that house prices could continue to decline further. Afterwards, as the quick sale disappeared amid a quarrel between sellers and sellers, the price of apartments in Seoul turned to an upward trend (0.01%) in May in the monthly survey of sample statistics.The 76㎡ exclusive for Eunma in Daechi-dong was sold for 1.77 billion won in November of last year, at the bottom. In June of this year , it is being traded at 2.1 

to 2.2 billion won. The 59㎡ exclusive for Els in Jamsil, Songpa-gu also recorded the lowest point at 1.49 billion won at the end of last year, but now the actual transaction price has risen to 1.88 billion won.Prior to the 2008 global financial crisis, when the actual transaction of apartments was at the bottom, the proportion of outsiders was high. In fact, in December 2008, the proportion of non-residents living in apartments in Seoul recorded 22.3%. In October 2008 it was 18%.Outsiders have a stronger nature of investment demand than actual demand. There is a tendency to move first, and it appears similarly this time.Park Won-gap 

KBKookmin Bank’s chief real estate expert said, “I don’t think it can be generalized that outsiders bought a lot when they hit the bottom or when they passed the bottom,” he said. .


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