“It’s more important not to kill players”… How to nurture a ‘No. 1 hitting’ coach, can it be exciting?

“The coach only needs to worry about not killing the player.”

Koji Goto, Doosan Bears hitting coach, said: Coach Goto is a person who gained great trust while serving as a hitting coach for one season at Doosan in 2018. Doosan proved its leadership in terms of performance by recording a team batting average of 0.309 (1st), on-base percentage of 0.376 (1st), slugging percentage of 0.486 (1st), and 191 homers (4th) that year, but Coach Goto’s true value is in conversation with players. appear. Coach Goto is well known for helping players when they are psychologically shaken. It is clear that it is an important virtue for a leader in baseball, a ‘mental game’.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop reached out to coach Goto to join him again at Doosan this season and said, “I heard that he has excellent harmony with the players. “He showed hope.

The returning coach, like his former coach, quickly built trust with his players. Players who had been together five years ago, such as Heo Gyeong-min, Kim Jae-hwan, and Kim In-tae, as well as players who did not have or had little chance to build a relationship with coach Goto, such as Dae-han Kim, Seung-hwan Song, Min-hyuk Kim, Jae-seok Ahn, and Chan-yeol Yang, were together at the finish camp and spring camp. I trust you and ask for your advice.

Players who have experienced Coach Goto unanimously say, “I don’t talk about my weaknesses.” Kang Seung-ho said, “Coach Goto is a person who only talks about the player’s strengths. He told me that I am a good swinger. If I do it with the coach, I think I will be less chased or anxious.”

Kim Dae-han said, “Coach Goto always tells me to play big with confidence. He talks a lot about what you need to be intimidated by, so that you can play baseball in a positive and energetic way. It instills confidence in me to do it.”안전놀이터

Regarding this, Coach Goto said, “Coaches only need to worry about not killing players. Especially for young players, it is more important not to kill them than to help them grow. If you talk too much about good things, you can kill the players. It’s like I didn’t study because I didn’t like my mother always telling me to study when I was young,” she replied happily and smiled.

Doosan is constantly looking for hitters to add weight to the batting line this year. Doosan lacked explosive power in the batting line last year, ranking 8th with 101 team homers and 0.365 slugging percentage. This is the background of investing $1 million to bring in Jose Rojas, a new foreign hitter, and Yang Eui-ji, the largest FA fish, for 15.2 billion won in 4+2. Doosan hopes that the potential of players such as Kim Min-hyeok, Kim Dae-han, and Song Seung-hwan who have the potential to grow into giants will burst together.

Thankfully for coach Lee and his coaching staff, Doosan’s best prospects devoted all their energy to making their mark while silently sweating throughout the spring camp. Coach Lee also raised his thumb, saying, “You don’t have to talk about the sincerity of our players.”

Coach Goto left a final message for such players. He said, “Most young players tend to appeal to their managers and coaches. I don’t need to appeal like that. I just need to show my best skills. It’s not baseball for others or for coaches, but for myself. I think you should play baseball for yourself. Players feel pressure just by playing, but if you have the burden of being a manager and coach with a plus alpha, you can’t play well. I hope they play their own baseball,” he emphasized.

Doosan fielders are preparing for the new season diligently following Coach Goto’s training method. So far, Sydney, Australia, is full of excitement that a rebound in blows can be expected.


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