“It’s impossible to replace Son Heung-min… It’s no surprise he’s on the bench”

It is difficult for Richarli Song to메이저사이트 replace Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.

Even when I was recruited, I had high expectations. Richarlison, who served as an ace at Watford and Everton, moved to Tottenham Hotspur ahead of this season. He can play both the role of a striker and a side striker, and in the previous season, even when Everton was driven to the relegation zone, he scored 11 league goals and showed his ability to score. There were also expectations.

However, Richarlison did not completely melt into Tottenham. Richarlison has scored two goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this season, but has not scored a single goal in the league. Even at the time of joining, there were expectations that he would play a backup role for Kane and form a competitive structure with Son Heung-min, but due to Richarlison’s sluggishness, Tottenham ended up hiring Son Heung-min, Kane, and Dejan Kulusevski the same as last season. is presented as a starting point.

Of course, as this is his first season, there are opinions that he still needs more time. However, since Richarlison’s performance is not good, there are concerns that Richarlison is just an ace of a mid-lower team, and that it will be difficult to develop in the future.

England’s ‘The Boot Room’ reported the opinion of Keith Tracy, who is active as a football expert on Richarlison. Tracy pointed out Richarlison: “He has a selfish side. Richarlison has shown dissatisfaction with his playing time. At Everton he was good, he played for Brazil but not at Tottenham.”

‘The Boot Room’ was of the same opinion. The media said: “Leaving aside the idea that Richarlison is selfish, it is clear that Richarlison has complained about his playing time on several occasions this season. Richarlison knew this would happen when he joined Tottenham. To be honest, it is impossible for Richarlison to replace Kane and Heung-Min Son. Why are you surprised that Richarlison has to spend most of his time on the bench? Richarlison will have to work hard if he wants to make a name for himself at Tottenham He pointed out Richarlison’s attitude.


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