‘It was a byword for preparation for 2023…’ 1st LG Did you face the biggest crisis at the end of the season, how will you overcome it this time?

With the season coming to an end, the ‘No. 1’ LG Twins faced bad news. Adam Plutko, the pillar of the team’s starting lineup, left due to injury. In fact, it can be seen as the biggest crisis in the second half. How will LG overcome this crisis?

The LG Twins were scheduled to face off in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 30th, but took a break for two days in a row as the game was canceled due to rain before the game. Matches canceled today will be scheduled at a later date.

Originally, LG planned to start Lee Jeong-yong against Doosan in Jamsil the previous day (29th), but it was canceled due to rain. Accordingly, in the game on the 30th, we tried to put Lee Jung-yong in the lead, but it was canceled again. First of all, LG decided foreign ace Casey Kelly as the starting pitcher in the confrontation with Doosan on the 31st. In the face of this, Doosan Bears will start with local ace Kwak Bin.

The LG Twins have been known as the ‘preparation pronoun’ this season. The biggest crisis came in April, at the beginning of the season. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the starting lineup almost collapsed. During the first half of the year, Adam Plutko, who was the team’s top player in wins, and Lim Chan-gyu, who played an active role as a native ace. In fact, these two pitchers did their part in the starting rotation and led the starting lineup. Plutko started 17 games in the first half and posted an overwhelming record of 11 wins and 1 loss with a 2.21 ERA. Lim Chan-gyu also showed the best performance with an average ERA of 3.19 with 6 wins, 2 losses and 1 hold in 17 games in the first half. Initially, Lim Chan-gyu started with a long relief, but after joining the starting rotation amidst the departure of the existing starting team, he showed a good performance.

On the other hand, Kelly started 18 games in the first half and performed poorly with an average ERA of 4.44 with 6 wins and 5 losses. Kelly is also 2-2 with an earned run average of 4.24 in his 6 games in the second half. On top of that, it was painful to see Lee Min-ho and Kim Yun-sik, who had been dropped for the 3rd and 4th selections before the start of the season, respectively, not being able to find their true self.

If even the bullpen was shaken in a situation where the starting lineup collapsed, there was a high possibility that LG would fall into the lower ranks from the beginning of the season. In fact, there was a crisis. ‘Lee Jung-yong, Jung Woo-young, and Ko Woo-seok’, who were in the previous Pilseung group, could not spread their pitches due to sluggishness and injuries. During the first half, Jung Woo-young was unable to show his former splendor with an average ERA of 4.08 with 2 wins, 4 losses and 11 holds in 41 games. Jung Woo-young had an average ERA of 2.22 with 7 wins, 3 losses, 27 holds and 2 saves in the 2021 season, and an average ERA of 2.64 with 2 wins, 3 losses and 35 holds in the 2022 season, so the sluggishness at the beginning of this season was unexpected. In addition, Lee Jeong-yong posted an average ERA of 5.90 with 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 hold and 3 saves in 26 games in the first half. Lee Jung-yong, following the advice of the coaching staff, is recording good results with an average ERA of 2.57 with 2 wins and no losses in 4 games. Ko Woo-seok was only able to throw 19⅓ innings (20 games) in the first half of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) shoulder injury.먹튀검증

Still, it was because of ‘preparation’ that LG was able to hold on and rise to the top. During last winter’s spring camp, the LG coaching staff prepared a ‘Plan B’ for Pil Seung-jo of ‘Ham Deok-joo, Park Myung-geun, and Yoo Young-chan’. And they filled the gap of the existing Pilseungjo. Ham Deok-joo showed a reliable appearance with 3 wins, undefeated 3 saves, 12 holds, and an average ERA of 1.28, while Park Myung-geun played a big role with 4 wins, 5 saves, and 5 holds, an average ERA of 3.25. Yoo Young-chan was also good with an average ERA of 3.75 with 4 wins, 1 loss and 4 holds. Even in a situation where the starting lineup collapsed early, LG endured with ‘Bullpen Day’ where they were active. It was possible because there was preparation.

Such LG faced bad news once again. It is the departure of Plutco. Plutko came down the mound himself after pitching 4 innings and 1 run in an away game against the NC Dinos on the 26th. And as a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a left pelvic contusion. We were told it would take 4 to 5 weeks for his return. For now, if you follow the normal return process, it seems that you will be able to sortie at the end of the pennant race. But if he doesn’t overdo it, he could be focusing on recovering for a postseason appearance.

The replacement for Plutco is Yunsik Kim. Kim Yun-sik, who was canceled from the first-team entry on July 9, was registered for the first-team entry the day before. In fact, Kim Yun-sik can also be seen as a prepared selection resource. LG recruited Choi Won-tae from Kiwoom Heroes in a trade, and was scheduled to digest Choi Won-tae, Lim Chan-gyu, and Lee Jeong-yong in the starting rotation along with Kelly and Plutco’s foreign one-two punch. As Lee Jung-yong showed good pitching, Kim Yun-sik’s call-up to the first team was pushed back. Instead, they continued to prepare. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, the command tower, has said, “Kim Yun-shik will wait for more and raise it when the need arises.” And as Plutko left, he called Kim Yun-sik, who was preparing, to the first team.

On the 30th, director Yeom sent trust, saying, “I prepared a lot in preparation for this situation. (Kim) Yoon-sik has to endure well. You can think of it as ‘Key’.” Kim Yun-sik played in 4 Futures League games and recorded an average ERA of 5.52 with 1 win and 1 loss. Recently, against Sangmu on the 23rd, he had a good pitch with 3 innings, 1 hit, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts and no runs. In addition, coach Yeom said, “There are also Lee Min-ho, Kang Hyo-jong, and Son Joo-young as other starting candidates,” and then said, “(Son) Joo-young is likely to get the opportunity the fastest. I will go to the second round of the double header (Gwangju KIA match) on the 9th of next month.” he predicted Will LG be able to safely overcome another crisis?


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