“It doesn’t matter if you are shorter than me. All you have to do is get the code right.”

There were many difficult times. There were times when I asked myself dozens of times if I did well. But I didn’t regret it. I thought that if I regretted it, the efforts and processes I had been working on could become meaningless.”

As we live, we are faced with many choices. It could be a big choice or a small choice, but at the time, it was difficult to measure the size of the result. Because I don’t know which way to go and how to get back to me. You may be proud of what you did well, or you may reproach yourself for being filled with regret. But that is life and it is a record of oneself. This is why we have to do our best in every moment because we cannot repeat writing and erasing like a pencil and eraser.

Center ‘Jeanne’ Jeong Jin-gyeong (45‧190cm), who was once expected to become the ‘second Park Chan-suk’, has always fought tirelessly against the opponent of choice. Team disbandment due to IMF, draft wave, going to Taiwan, which many people opposed, and even ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament three times… , 2005. At the age of 28 she came into the WKBL and started her late career in the domestic professional leagues but she didn’t last long due to her disfigured body and mind.

As a member of the Shinsegae Coolcats, she played 83 games from the 2005 winter league to the 2007-08 season, averaging 4.77 points, 4.12 rebounds, 1.72 assists, and 0.66 steals per game. It may have been a coincidence, but she was particularly strong for KB Stars. Her most points in a game (18 on July 18, 2005), most rebounds (11 on August 14, 2005), most assists, steals, blocked shots, and free throws all came against KB Stars.

Even after retiring, she did not rest. Including her alma mater Xinjicho and Soongyi Girls’ Middle School, she coached for 7 years. She also gained experience in China women’s professional basketball Shaanxi Xinrui, although it was not long. From 2016, she started her career at WKBL as a coach at Bucheon KEB Hana Bank (now Bucheon Hana OneQ), assisting head coach Lee Hwan-woo.

After the end of the 2018-19 season, she stepped down as coach Lee resigned, but she did not stop her passion for basketball, Jeong Jin-kyung. She had to be as close to the court as possible so she didn’t get away with a sense of the field or this or that opportunity, she thought. Her life as a coach stopped for a while, but she was with basketball as a commentator and columnist, and it was a meaningful time for her in that she was able to look at the court from a different perspective than when she was a coach. Be proud of yourself.

In addition to that, starting in April 2021, she is working hard to develop her league with a new title of Head of WKBL Game Operations Headquarters. She met Jeong Jin-kyung, a diligent basketball player who is not afraid of new challenges and constantly learns and experiences, and heard her own beliefs about her choices, process, and results.

PS/ Jinkyung Jeong didn’t have a special nickname when she was a player. However, when she was active in Taiwan, she was called ‘Jin Jin’ by the players there because her Korean pronunciation was difficult, and she is now called ‘Jeanne’ by her close friends in French pronunciation. Personally, she says that even as a fan of French literary writers, she likes such nicknames for her. 

“The problem is whether you can communicate with each other, it doesn’t matter at all whether you are taller or smaller than me

. ”

you’re right. As you said, I’m in charge of the WKBL Sports Operations Headquarters. Currently, the season is over, so I’m going to work, but I’m a little free. For most basketball players, including me, May is still a relaxed time. During the season, you can see that you are in charge of the overall operation of the game. There are quite a lot of things to do, such as managing the umpires and game divisions, assigning matches, and solving problems with regulations. I also have to communicate with each team and the coaches. In off-season like now, if there are regulations that need maintenance, we modify, delete, or create new ones.

Q. What is the most difficult?
As everyone agrees, during the season, the part about judgment comes the most. One decision can change the flow of the game or the situation. Needless to say, even more so at important moments. Because of this, each team reacts more sensitively. There may be times when things really go wrong, but even if you judge correctly, there will be times when the person who suffers a loss feels that it is not. It’s not directly refereeing, but it’s difficult and difficult when you have to coordinate or solve when there is a problem with the judgement. Especially in a situation where a win or loss has been decided, it becomes really embarrassing when a misjudgment is revealed belatedly. Discipline against referees and communication with the club must continue, but the fact that such an incident itself has happened makes it difficult to come up with an alternative that satisfies everyone. You have to find the best. We also need to take care to prevent recurrence.

Q. If you don’t mind, I wonder if you got married. Looking at social media, etc., I couldn’t find any trace of my family.
It’s not rude at all. (Laughs) Would only the reporter ask such a thing? Please feel free to ask. I haven’t married yet. It’s not like I’m a celibate or anything like that. Somehow I got late. I would like to give a more plausible reason, but since there is no other reason, this is the most honest answer.

Q. Do you have a favorite ideal type?
hmm… , I haven’t thought about it in particular, but after hearing the question, I think about it. There is no specific ideal type. Someone with whom I can communicate well and can talk comfortably even after meeting for a long time? The fact that we continued to meet and talk would in itself be proof that there is a certain level of compatibility between us. I think this changes a bit as we get older. When I was young, I saw a lot of outward charms, but now I think the hidden charms that can only be felt through conversation and experience, such as comfort and codes, are approaching more positively.

Q. Most women still think that they should be taller than themselves.
Ha ha ha… , I originally did not pursue such a thing. In addition, if I insist on someone taller than me, wouldn’t the range of meeting people be too narrow? On the other hand, there are people who feel fresh even when they are tall, while there are people who feel confident and big even if they are not tall. Assuming that the conversation goes well, if the other person is not burdened with my height, then I don’t care too much about the other person’s height. In fact, there was no one taller than me among the people I met. On the contrary, there are many people who say that it is cool and looks good.

Q. Under the premise that there is a man with a crush, should the opponent also know a lot about basketball?
I’m a person who has played basketball all my life, and I’m still working on basketball, so there’s nothing wrong with being interested in basketball. But even if you don’t, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like we just meet and talk about basketball. I continue to live as a basketball person, but off the court, I have many other fields of interest besides basketball. I don’t have a deep knowledge of culture and art, such as books, movies, and paintings (laughs), but I like it overall. If there’s someone who likes that kind of thing, I’m confident that I’ll have fun talking with them. Even if it’s not necessarily as a member of the opposite sex, I’ve been friends with people with whom I can communicate comfortably for a long time.

Q. You are maintaining your slimness even after a considerable amount of time has passed since you retired. I wonder if I am not gaining weight physically or if it is the power of steady management.
From my point of view, I’m a good builder. That’s why I can’t lie like ‘I’m physically thin’. I’ll tell you honestly that I’m constantly managing it. I tend to exercise a lot, and on days when I don’t, I adjust my food. Plump before starting exercise? No, it was a body type close to fat. Then I started exercising and lost weight, and I became my current body type. I also have a body type that tends to fall out a bit when I’m stressed. After all, if you gain weight from being tall, you really become a giant. Still, the slimmer side will put less pressure on the viewer. If you suddenly get steamed, your appearance will be the same, but your body will become heavy and life will be difficult. I tend to wear tight clothes, but I really don’t have a desire to look young. Wearing it like that is the reason why I think I will be able to take care of it without relaxing.

Q. Have you ever heard of something like try modeling?
I never had it when I was younger. After retirement, there were times when people who didn’t know their age were literally throwing it. People who know my age tell me to try a senior model when more time passes. (Laughs)

′′ if I had played in this era, I wouldn’t have been a center ′′

Q. How did you start playing basketball?

My father played basketball until college (Kookmin University). He wasn’t famous, but he was still a basketball guy. I am the only daughter of a boy and a girl, and since I was young, I must have thought that since I was tall, I would have to play basketball. In addition, it seems that there was something projected on his daughter because the father could not achieve his dream. I was so young that even my doctor didn’t ask. You just said you had to do it. It was an era when we just did what our parents told us to do. Actually, in my case, I was tall, but I didn’t like sports very much. He was a kid who stuttered during gym class and didn’t fit well with sports. Nonetheless, I did it because he told me to play basketball. That was when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school.

Q. What position did you initially take on?
Since I’m tall, I didn’t really have a choice. It was just a center. I went all the way to 5.

Q. Among your seniors and juniors in school, who was your rival?
When I was playing basketball, there were quite a few tall players. Right now, there was Kim Gye-ryeong, a year my junior at the same school. There were articles that grouped us as ‘twin towers’, but I remember that there were also many articles that framed the story as goodwill rivals or future rivals. But actually, Gye-ryeong and I have completely different play styles. In the case of Gyeryeong, he has a strong physique and good strength. That’s why he was never pushed back in physical fights and was literally an orthodox big man who powerfully overpowered his opponents in the post. On the other hand, in my case, because of my body type, running basketball suited my body better than bumping and rubbing under the goal. For now, I think playing in 3 or 4 would have suited me well. I liked face-up rather than back-to-back and I liked passing. If it was the current trend, I think I would have polished my outer shots and threw them actively.

Q. I think you heard that you should gain some weight because you are thin for a big man.
why wasn’t there I heard a lot. In fact, since I weighed less compared to my height, people kept saying that I should eat a lot even for a physical fight. However, there is also a constitution, and it did not work well. Now, we create positions and play styles according to the talents and aptitudes of the players, but back then, when you were tall, you were asked to stay within the goal. As a result, there were some difficulties.

Q. How did you come to join Kolon?
He was unemployed at the time, so he chose a team as a free agent, not a draft. Still, he got a lot of attention during his school days, so I know that several teams contacted him, but I don’t know what happened after that. My parents chose Kolon, so I ended up going to the team they chose. I think I chose the team that suits me best after looking at a lot of things, such as the circumstances of the team and the compatibility of my play style.

Q. You joined like that, but the team disbanded right away.
Yes. I don’t know the details of the disbandment. I only heard that it was because of the IMF. Anyway, after joining and playing for just one season, the team was disbanded, so I was very confused. Unlike the pros, there were many cases where the team I joined at that time became a team for life. I knew that I had to bet everything on one team and rooted myself to the point where even moving a team was considered a shame. It was one of the hardest times in my basketball life. I mean, imagine that you just graduated from high school and went to work or university, but it disappeared overnight. Anyone would have a mental breakdown.

“I decided to go to Taiwan and

even heard the voices of traitors. ”

I had a lot of worries, but it was a difficult decision. After going through the big event of the team being disbanded, the stress from the mental shock was so great, and in the midst of that, I thought that being able to go to the Taiwan League was an opportunity. The problem is that at that time, domestic women’s basketball also began to become professional. It was right before the first draft. Personally, I felt that the draft system at the time was not fair in many ways, and I did not want to be swayed by it. In addition, while playing basketball abroad, I had a strong desire to experience the culture and environment there. The fact that I can study at the same time came to me as an advantage.

Q. The perception and atmosphere at the time about going abroad was like that, and I think there must have been a lot of opposing voices in line with the professional launch.
It wasn’t a big deal. Almost everyone was against it. Of course, despite this, I had a strong will to go, and no small amount of confrontation was inevitable. Most importantly, there was no room for compromise. Since I have a career as a member of the national team, I needed a written consent form from the Korea Basketball Association to go to an overseas league. From the moment I realized that I needed a consent form, I felt that it would not be easy. Regardless of my will, they never signed a consent form. There was absolutely no way. That’s why I decided to naturalize.

Q. It is still the same now, but at the time naturalization was considered very badly as it added to the national sentiment.
Yes. It is true that even now, when everything has changed a lot, naturalization is accepted very sensitively. How was it at the time? There was an outpouring of criticism and criticism. Even my parents were against it, so we fought quite a bit. At first, my parents also respected my will and supported my trip to Taiwan. However, it seems that naturalization was accepted as a completely different issue from the parents’ point of view. I was surprised by the declaration of naturalization of my only daughter, and strongly opposed it, saying that it was not as good as that. As I said before, I tend to listen to my parents well since I was a child. I started basketball like that, and even when I went to the business team, I took care of everything. In that sense, the decision to naturalize was the first time in my life that my parents and I had different opinions… , I think it was very meaningful in that I decided the direction of my life on my own. I’m not saying good or bad, I’m talking about the point of choice.

Q. Even my parents had different opinions, so I must have made a big decision and felt lonely.
It was really hard. However, from the time I made up my mind to become naturalized, I was in a situation where I was determined to some extent, so I tried hard to make up my mind. Apart from simple opposition, I even received threatening phone calls to my house and heard the voice of betrayal. So, when I went to Taiwan, I had to be really determined. I went through extreme opposition, and in fact, I was suspended for 5 years, so I couldn’t come back even if something went wrong. Anyway, I had a hard time getting on the plane to Taiwan, but when I got there, I got along really well. I think it was a time when I learned and experienced many things besides basketball.

Q. Looking back now, don’t you have any regrets?
Not at all. It was like that then, and I don’t have any regrets about the decision I made at the time. Of course, if I had stayed in Korea, I would have worn the Taegeuk mark, played an active part in the national team, and walked a much smoother basketball life… , I don’t think I would be where I am today if I did. By accumulating rich experience, I have created a driving force to do various things, and I think I have learned a lot. It was a tough choice and process, but it was a time worthwhile. When it comes to personal life.

Q. Was Taiwan a professional league at the time?
It wasn’t a professional league. A league where foreign players could play? That was it. Even now, Taiwan is not a professional league. In Taiwan at the time, rather than the concept of a mercenary, I think it can be seen as the Asian quota system now. I was there for 8 years, but it wasn’t as smooth as it was. During that time, I suffered quite a few injuries, big and small. It took a long time to rehabilitate, such as undergoing cruciate ligament surgery three times. He was satisfied with the life itself, where he learned through various experiences, but as a player, he suffered from injuries, so it was quite difficult in that respect. He was physically as well as mentally exhausted and suffered from severe depression, so he received treatment.

Q. Since I lived in a foreign country at a young age, I think I must have been very lonely.
I wonder if there was such a part. Because I was 19 years old. At that time, I didn’t think much about being lonely. Maybe I was lonely, but I wanted to deny myself that I wasn’t. Anyway, depression also comes, and when I see that, I don’t think it was as enjoyable as it was. It was a choice I made and there was no backlash, so I tried to keep a strong mind on my own. To be honest, I had no regrets or complaints about going to Taiwan. The only thing that bothered me was the injury. I went because I wanted to enjoy basketball, but since I couldn’t play as much as I wanted to, the psychological pain that came from that was just great. I think that part would have been the same even if I was in Korea.

Q. Did you have any regrets about your choice?
that’s right. I still do. I’m not the type to change things often토스카지노, and if I have to, I spend enough time and think deeply about it. I have no regrets about what I chose to do, no matter what hardships come my way. That’s how life is. Responsibility comes with choice and it is only you who has to endure it. In addition, I think that experience made me a positive person now.

Q. How did you decide to return to Korea?
I played in Taiwan for 8 years, and in the 7th year, Shinsegae contacted me once. He was also out of the five-year suspension. He initially refused. However, at the time Shinsegae coach Kim Yun-ho showed a lot of sincerity by coming all the way to Taiwan to watch the game. And the following year, the bishop came to see me again and contacted me, and I changed my mind. Since his father was also in poor health, he was deeply concerned about whether the time had come for him to make a second choice. So, after careful consideration, I went through the nationality recovery process and returned to Korea.

“I will learn more and work hard so that I can share my dream with others.”

Q. You did a great job in your first season in Korea and received the rookie award, but I heard you didn’t really want it.

That’s right (laughs) I was in my late 20s at the time. In terms of age, I’m a rookie. You’ve been playing the game for quite some time. It was a time when the classmates and juniors I worked out with were becoming veterans in the league. In a way, it was an unfair competition and it was literally the rookie award, but I thought it was right to give it up to real rookies. At that time, there were not a few players who retired at about that age, and it was embarrassing. So I even asked the secretariat through the club if it was okay not to receive the rookie award, but I was told that it was unavoidable according to the rules. What can I do? Because I couldn’t break the rules that had already been set because I didn’t like them. I was really embarrassed.

Q. Among the foreign players you played with, who was the most impressive?
Elena Beard. From the moment she asked the question, she immediately came to mind. He was an impressive friend with his explosive scoring ability based on his personal skills. He has a good sense of humor and has a good personality, so he got along well with his colleagues. Technically, he was a top player in the league, but the problem was that this guy was a shooting guard. At the time, most teams selected foreign players as big men, but Shinsegae trusted me so much that they chose foreign guards. (Laughs) In the end, I had to take on the opposing foreign big men. At that time, the level of foreign players was also very high. However, there were many native big men, so it was not possible to play against them in the rotation. I remember a player Heo Yun-ja who was in the same position as me. Anyway, competing with foreign big men throughout the season hurt my body a lot, especially my knees. After that, as the injury began to increase again, he could not play as well as the first season and retired earlier than expected. Personally, I’m sorry, and I’m sorry for the team. It would have been nice if I had been a bit stronger, but how did my innate durability not work?

Q. You retired and started your leadership career right away.
I think I took a break for about 8 months while traveling. Then, I heard that my alma mater elementary school was hiring a coach, so I started my coaching life from there, and then continued my amateur coaching life for about 7 years at Soongui Girls’ Middle School and the 19-year-old national team. After that, during a short break, coach Lim Dal-shik contacted me, so I followed her as a coach to Shaanxi Xinrui, a Chinese women’s professional basketball team. However, the coach had to leave early due to various circumstances, and while the command tower was empty, I had no choice but to fill the void, such as leading the field training with the players in Korea. Afterwards, an Italian coach came as a successor coach, but I don’t know the details, but he said he has a good career and a lot of experience. In such a situation, KEB Hana Bank (now Bucheon Hana One Q) offered me a coaching offer, and I thought that coming to Korea would be better in many ways than staying in China, so I came into contact with WKBL again.

Q. Thank you so much for today. Lastly, what would you like to say to ‘Jeong Jin-kyung 10 years later’?
Kyung-Ah Jin. It’s really nice to see them working hard and living passionately. There’s nothing special about her that she’s getting older. As we have done so far, let’s try to grow into a better person while learning whatever we can learn. You don’t need age to learn, and there’s no set time to express your will. I hope you can continue to dream while sharing your dreams with others. love you. Jeong Jin-kyung.


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