Is there such a thing as a win-win trade? “Mets rationalize, Texans challenge for championship” all get straight A’s

Three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer was traded after failing to complete his second season in free agency. Both the New York Mets, who let Scherzer go, and the Texas Rangers, who acquired him, were praised for making good moves. It was a rare balancing act.

On Tuesday, the Mets and Rangers acquired Luisangel Acuña from Texas, who can play second base, shortstop, and center field. The deal also included partial salary relief for Scherzer. The Mets will pay him about $36 million, including the remainder of this season’s salary.

Three USA Today writers weighed in on the trade. Rustin Dodd and Brittany Giroli gave both sides an A. Stephon J. Nesbitt gave Texas an A and the Mets a B+. All three called it a balanced trade that didn’t go too far in either direction.먹튀검증

Max Scherzer waived his no-trade clause to join Texas.

With this trade, the Mets gave up on contending for a championship, and Texas stepped on the gas pedal. Despite the “storm shopping,” the Mets are 49-55 with a .471 winning percentage and fourth place in the National League East, while Texas is 60-46 with a .571 winning percentage and first place in the American League West.

“Mets owner Steve Cohen is ready to fire the cannon in the Shohei Ohtani (Angels) bidding war,” Dodd wrote, noting that getting rid of Scherzer freed up cap space for Ortiz. “The Mets made a sensible choice, especially if Cohen wants to spend money next season,” he added. The Mets will need to continue their spending spree next year for the Scherzer trade to be meaningful.

As for Texas, “General manager Chris Young has made it clear that he is aggressive in adding starting pitching, whether through the draft, free agency or trade. Scherzer is an injury risk, but if all goes well, Texas could contend for a championship.”

Girouli had a different take: “Scherzer’s addition allows Texas to maintain a ‘win-now’ rotation even with the loss of Jacob deGrom. Scherzer’s recent performance has been a far cry from his Cy Young-winning days, but Texas has a coach in Mike Maddux, who was with him when he won the Cy Young.” Conversely, the Mets secured their future by acquiring Acuña, Texas’ No. 3 prospect, Nesbitt wrote.

Nesbitt gives the Mets a B+, but he agrees with the other two that the trade was a good move. “The opportunity to shed some of Scherzer’s salary and get Acuña was too good to pass up,” he wrote in support of the Mets’ decision.


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