Introduction to Roulette

It is said that the roulette was created back in the 17th century. As its name sounds, it comes from France. The wheel itself is believed to have been invented by the physicist Blaise Pascal, when creating a perpetual motion machine.

A resembling wheel to what we know today was introduced in late 18th century. That wheel didn’t differ too much from today’s roulette, 스포츠토토 but the single zero was colored in red, while the double zero was black.

One century later, a new strategy was implemented. So, they took out one of the zeros. This led to a high popularity amongst the players, since the casino’s edge dropped and customers had higher chances of winning. Nowadays, you can find the double zero wheels in the US. This type of roulette is meant to increase the casino’s odds. Actually, in the US the single zero wheels are destined only for the high rollers’ usage.

The “En Prison” Specific

The last change regarding the roulette occurred later on, when the casino introduced the “en prison” option. This offered an increased odd to the player. This way, in case the zero comes up, the player doesn’t lose any money bet. The wager isn’t lost. It just remains in effect until the next spin. After a second consecutive spin, the punter can pull it back in case it’s a winning bet. In case it’s a second 0 in a row, the wager is lost. This is actually a pretty favorable rule. Therefore, a lot people prefer this option.

Roulette Bet Types

Roulette offers two types of bets. There are inside and outside bets.

The outside bets are about betting on the numbers according to their background color: red or black. Also, another outside type of bet is on the odd or even numbers on the wheel. In both cases, even-money is awarded.

The inside bets include a variety of methods. The single number bet is made by setting the chips on the numbered box, containing the individual numbers, including the zero and double zero ones. Another example of inside bets is the corner, when the chip is placed at the intersection of lines, this way basically indicating a bet for four numbers.

Common Facts

It is important to know that the seats set up at the roulette table are destined only for the players. In case a non-player sits down, the dealer has the right ask the person to leave the place.
Before the game begins, the dealer has to pay all the winners from the previous spin and of course, clear off the losing bets.

Next step is when the players place chips on the layout. They do this before the dealer starts to spin the wheel, and can keep doing it until the ball is about to drop toward the numbered slots, then the dealer just says: “No more bets.”

As soon as the ball settles in one of the slots, the dealer will determine the winning bets by placing a marker on the number on the layout, paying out the winners and will clear off the losing bets.

Some other important common things to know when playing roulette are:

The chips must be placed carefully on the board, in order not to displace the other bets.
The call bets are considered taken only if the dealer has repeated the bet. If the dealer doesn’t take the bet, a “no bet” announcement will come.


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