In the middle of Gangnam, the whole family assaulted a barefoot middle school girl… father detention

In the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, an emergency measure was메이저사이트 taken to prevent par

ents and older brothers who were arrested for assaulting a middle school girl from approaching the victim.

According to the police on the 21st, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul applied for an emergency temporary measure to prevent the parents and brother from approaching or contacting the victim, and the court accepted it. For father A, the highest measure under the Child Abuse Punishment Act, No. 7, was also applied. Temporary Measure No. 7 is a measure to detain the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months to protect children if there is a risk of recurrence of abuse. The application period can be extended once. It is known that Mr. A was detained at the Eastern Detention Center in Seoul on the afternoon of the 19th.A couple and the victim’s older brother, B, are accused of assaulting the victim for about 20 minutes as he ran away barefoot in an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul on the morning of the 15th. The police, who were dispatched after receiving a report from a passer-by, arrested Mr. A’s couple and her brother B from a nearby apartment.The police are investigating couple A and B on charges of physical abuse and assault under the Special Act on the Punishment of Domestic Violence Crimes, respectively. They are known to have stated in a police investigation, “My daughter refused to go to the hospital and was punished.” The victim is staying in a shelter and is said to have no serious trauma.


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