In the first live pitching, Romero 147 km, McCarty 151 km Boom!…”Near perfect”

SSG Landers foreign pitchers Eni Romero and Kirk McCarty conducted their first live pitching.

Romero and McCarty had their first live pitching on the 20th (Korean time) at the spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Live pitching is a training in which pitchers pitch in a situation similar to a real game with a batter standing in the plate, and it is mainly conducted during spring camp to enhance the sense of practice.

First, Romero,안전놀이터 who started live pitching that day, threw a total of 29 pitches, including fastballs, sliders, and two-seams, and recorded the highest speed of 147km/h. McCarty threw a total of 24 pitches, including a 151km/h fastball, cutter, curveball, slider, and fork.

Pitching coach Jo Ung-cheon, who watched the live pitching, said, “Both players are picking up the pace. Romero felt the power of a fastball coming from a high RBI, and he seems to be improving his condition as he goes through camp. I built my body to the point where there was no one, and both the fastball and the breaking ball were close to perfection.”

Romero, who finished his first live pitching, said, “I checked the overall pitch type through live pitching. I was most satisfied with the movement of the two-seam during today’s pitching, and I pitched with care on the low course to induce a grounder. I will make a perfect body through it.”

McCarty explained, “The most important thing in my first live pitching was to check my physical condition. I felt good in my body when I pitched, and both the fastball and the breaking ball were pitched as I thought. I have finished all preparations for the upcoming practice game.” did.

On the other hand, in the live pitching that followed, Lee Roun recorded a maximum speed of 148 km/h, Roh Kyung-eun 147 km/h, Moon Seung-won Baek Seung-gun Oh Won-seok 145 km/h, Choi Min-joon Shin Heon-min Song Young-jin 144 km/h in turn.


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