Ikbairi, playing for Hyundai Capital… Yosubani is Samsung Fire & Marine Co.

 Ahmed Iqbairi (Libya), who showed off his offensive power in Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the men’s professional volleyball team last season메이저사이트, joins the runner-up team Hyundai Capital. Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba, Italy), who experienced winning at Korean Air in the 2020-2021 season, will play for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance next season.

As a result of the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) holding the 2023 KOVO Foreign Player Men’s Tryout Draft in Turkey, Istanbul on the 8th (Korean time), Hyundai Capital nominated Iqbairi.

Ik Bairi, 27 years old this year, played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season and showed his skills by ranking 2nd in open offense, 2nd in quick open offense, 3rd in scoring and 4th in sub.

Samsung Fire & Marine chose Yosubani. Yosbani knows the Korean stage well by playing at OK Financial Group (2018-2019 season), Hyundai Capital (2019-2020 season), and Korean Air (2020-2021 season).

Woori Card chose Matei Kok (Slovenia), an outside hitter from Slovenia. Matei Kok is the only new face selected in this foreign player tryout. This is my first Korean stage experience.

Korean Air will continue to accompany Lincoln (Australia), who won the treble last season (winning the cup competition, placing first in the regular league, and winning the championship match). KEPCO, which contributed to its first playoff victory, and OK Financial Group renew the contract with Leo (Cuba), who set the record for the most serves in a season. KB Insurance decided to start the next season together with Vijena (Spain), who joined as a substitute player and settled down.

Cuban-born José Masso, who was rated as the greatest player, gave up on the Korean stage due to the schedule of the team belonging to the current Portuguese league.


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