“I was trying to wake him up”…”I was trying to wake him up”…a blatant lie from the perpetrator of the ‘Busan Back Kick’

The first news today (Jan. 1) is about the안전놀이터 “Busan Back Kick” case, which was first reported by JTBC last year. It’s been a year of suspected sexual crimes that have gone nowhere. Only yesterday, DNA re-examination revealed the perpetrator’s DNA, adding a rape charge to the case and increasing the prosecution’s request for a longer sentence. Later in the newsroom, we’ll meet the victim herself, who has fought hard to get to the bottom of the case. Before that, we’ll report on some of the outrageous lies the perpetrator told in the early days of the case, which were obtained by our reporters. In fact, the lies worked all the way to the court of first instance, thanks to a shoddy initial investigation.

First up, reporter Jisoo Lim.


The victim enters the apartment, followed by the perpetrator’s aunt, who checks the CCTV at the entrance.

This is juxtaposed with Mr. Lee’s statement that he was drunk at the time of the crime.

However, during the police investigation, Mr. Lee says something outlandish.

[Police Investigator/May 2022 (Police Interview) : There is that scene (before the crime) where he seems to be checking the CCTV at the top, and he looks up and says that…]

[Aunt/perpetrator (May 2022 / police investigation) : The more I drink (the more I drink), I just do this, but when a person drinks, doesn’t this make you vomit, because you always have your stomach open like this, and you always walk like this, and you have all these habits…]

Mr. Lee, who later hit the victim in the head with a spinning kick while waiting for the elevator, also says he was drunk and doesn’t remember.

[Aunt Lee / Perpetrator (May 2022 / Police Investigation): {You don’t remember kicking him in the head} Yeah, I really don’t remember.]

She continues to kick and stomp until she is completely unconscious, but only repeats the same statement.

[Aunt/perpetrator (May 2022 / police investigation): I remember hitting him like this once or twice, but I didn’t know if I did it].

The same can be said for the so-called “missing eight minutes,” when the perpetrator picked up the unconscious victim and went to a place with no CCTV.

He allegedly committed a sexual offense, but instead claimed he thought the victim had passed out and was trying to wake her up.


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