I prepare hard, but if I commit, I will make mistakes… ” 181 cm prospect setter’s growing pains, the command tower smiles

For Korea Expressway Corporation, Lee Go-eun, who played an active role as a setter ahead of this season, obtained FA qualification and left for Pepper Savings Bank. Road construction manager Kim Jong-min did not reinforce the setter. I believed in Lee Yun-jung, the rookie king of juniors, and Ahn Ye-rim, a 181cm tall setter. 안전놀이터

In his second year as a pro, Lee Yun-jeong established himself as the team’s main setter. Of course, in the eyes of the command tower, there are still many things to be desired. Because I think too much, when I have to go to the standard, there are moments when I make a completely different decision, and the command tower hits my chest. Still, director Kim Jong-min encourages him, saying, “Yoon Jeong-i is doing well.”

Ahn Ye-rim is the player who should help Lee Yoon-jung when he is shaken. Ahn Ye-rim was nominated by the Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th place in the 1st round in the 2019 women’s rookie draft. Ahn Ye-rim, who was from an all-girls high school, drew attention for her tall setter from the time of her nomination. She is a middle blocker, and her limbs are as long as her growth, and her athletic ability is not bad.

However, her inner growth is slow to put it mildly. She’s in her fourth year as a pro, but she still has her ups and downs, and the fact that she doesn’t have a place when she gets off the court. She believes in Lee Yoon-jung when she is shaken, but she has not yet been able to bring her faith, so she is unable to use it when she needs to. In her avant-garde, there is the overbearing feeling of height, but there is a lack of ease in the toss, which is the most important virtue for her setter.

At the 2022 Suncheon Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament held in the off-season, she made remarkable progress and was praised by coach Kim Jong-min, saying, “You did much better than expected.” After her debut, coach Kim Jong-min gave Ahn Ye-rim, who played only 7, 21, and 14 games in 3 seasons, enough to entrust him with the heavy duty of starting the opening game, but has been quiet again since. She can’t shake the burden off her coat yet. When she was replaced, there were many cases where she was confused and then replaced again.

Director Kim Jong-min, whom I met on the 24th, said, “I work hard when preparing, but it is not going to go on my own after I get on the court. If you invest, you make a mistake… . That part is a little disappointing.” At the same time, coach Kim said, “I can’t give you a chance at all. It takes time,” he added.

Even before, director Kim Jong-min hoped, “I hope Ahn Ye-rim overcomes her difficulties and finds a job,” but her dream has not yet come true.

Ahn Ye-rim is a valuable asset of Korean women’s volleyball. Along with Pepper Savings Bank Gusol, she is the tallest setter in the women’s division. However, Gu-sol is registered as a setter, but she has been playing as a middle blocker this season, so it can be said that Ahn Ye-rim is the only setter taller than 180cm among the female setters.

Lee Hyo-hee, a setter legend and road construction coach, said in an interview with a reporter at the time of her retirement, “Yerim is definitely a player with a sense of running the game. When I watch her practice, I sometimes feel that she is a thoughtful player,” she said.

Lee Yoon-jung cannot survive alone. Excluding training player Jeong So-yul, the road construction setters should be led by Lee Yoon-jung and Ahn Ye-rim. If Ahn Ye-rim helps, the road construction can also look above the current position. Will Ahn Ye-rim break her growing pains and will she be able to help me and the road construction?

On the other hand, the Korea Expressway Corporation, which succeeded in escaping its losing streak by catching Hyundai E&C, will play the last game of the 4th round against GS Caltex at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th.


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