“I miss the director” Special goal of the 10th year of the 1st nomination

Kiwoom Heroes included only four outfielders in this spring camp in Arizona, USA.

Except for Lee Jeong-hoo, who is a starter and participates in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), coach Hong Won-ki should check his skills closely. Lee Hyeong-jong, who was recruited as a free agent by the Futures this winter, Lim Byeong-wook, who was discharged from business last September, and Song Jae-sun, a rookie this year, boarded a plane to the United States.

In particular, Byeong-wook Lim joined the team as the first choice in 2014 when coach Hong was a coach, and has been highly anticipated. He was scheduled to join the team immediately after being discharged in September of last year, but suffered an injury to his left finger during training, so he was able to train with the team normally only at this camp.안전놀이터

On the outside, there was great concern about looking at Lim Byung-wook due to his continued injury, but he himself has been training with his convictions without wavering. On the 23rd (Korean time), Im Byung-wook, who met after a simulation game with the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Salt River Field at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, said, “I was training silently as planned.”

In the first inning of the day, Lim Byeong-wook hit a right-handed hit against former SK Wyverns pitcher and Arizona second starter Merrill Kelly, and in the third inning, right-hander Peter Solomon, who came up as the third pitcher, hit a fast ball to his body and hit a heavy home run. In the last at-bat, he recorded a right-handed hit and had a three-hit game.

Lim Byung-wook said, “It’s fortunate that it’s better than I thought. The results were good, but I’m satisfied that it’s going the way I thought. I talked with Coach Kang Byung-sik about setting up the zone and we found an agreement. We’ve had different perspectives since batting,” said Kelly. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but today I felt like I just relaxed.”

Lim Byung-wook, who had been away from the team for two years, said, “The time at the Ministry of National Defense passes slowly (laughs). Since I was discharged, I still felt the reward of working diligently in silence. It was a good time. I had a good time focusing on building my body and myself.” I looked back on my time at Go Sangmu.

In the meantime, many players have left and joined Kiwoom. He said, “I didn’t transfer, but even though I was in the same team, it changed a lot and was unfamiliar. The older brothers were like spiritual pillars, but they all left and I was the middle and high school age. My mind is a little different. I think the brothers felt this way too. I think I have become a senior who is not ashamed of by my juniors.”

Kiwoom Hong Won-ki, coach of Kiwoom Lim, said, “I have high expectations, but I do not want to show off. If I get a spot in the outfield, I think it will help the season. If you look at it, it says only one thing. It means to do it without injury.” I hoped that you would pay for Lim Byung-wook had only one regular at-bat in 2018 due to a series of injuries.

Lim Byung-wook is well aware of that. Lim Byung-wook said, “He said that he would like to see his face together for a season without getting hurt. That’s why I have to be more diligent. Arizona is still dry (laughs), but it’s a good system to exercise. I’m glad I’m not in Korea at this time. I pull my body to the best. I have to constantly work hard to be able to raise the ranks. I want to continue seeing the coach for one season,” he said, revealing his goal for this year.

Even though he has been in his 10th year as a pro, the modifier of “prospect” still follows Lim Byung-wook. He thought a lot about trying to escape by trying to separate himself, but he realized how to put down his greed and stick to the basics before he knew it. Will Lim Byung-wook, who says, “I want to keep the most difficult basics,” be able to play baseball “as I think” this year.


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