I even survived a direct calf hit… Song Myeong-gi gave up 2 runs in 4 innings, and couldn’t fill another 5 innings

NC Song Myeong-gi could not fill another 5 innings and was replaced. He endured even after being hit in the calf by a line drive hit during pitching, but was unable to overcome the difficulty of pitching.

Song Myeong-ki started the game against the LG Twins at Changwon NC Park on the 2nd. He was replaced with 4 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs until the 5th inning without a single base. During the game, he was hit in the calf by a line drive, and the number of pitches was not managed as 4 balls poured in. Second pitcher Lee Jun-ho prevented the successor runner from scoring, blocking Song Myung-ki’s own run with two runs.

In the last 2 games, he was in a losing streak 메이저사이트with 8 ⅔ innings, 14 hits, 5 walks, 8 strikeouts and 9 runs, and he kept a 2-1 lead with 1 run until the 2nd inning. In the 3rd inning, after one out, he accumulated runners with balls and walks that fit his body, but he preempted a 0-2 advantageous ball count against Kim Hyun-soo. But here an accident happened.

Kim Hyun-soo’s strong line drive hit Song Myung-ki’s calf directly. Immediately, medical personnel rushed out and checked the condition. Fortunately, there was no injury, and Song Myeong-ki continued pitching after a while reorganizing. He changed the score and out count as he caught Austin Dean on a shortstop grounder. Oh Ji-hwan blocked the second baseman grounder and ended the inning.

In the 4th inning against the lower batting order, he gave up only one walk and did not concede. However, the number of pitches was already pointing at 80. Song Myeong-ki finished pitching after giving up a walk after a 6-pitch game with Hong Chang-ki, the first batter in the 5th inning. Pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung announced the replacement.

Song Myeong-gi threw 39 fastballs, 27 sliders, 14 forkballs, and 6 curveballs. His highest fastball speed was 145 km, but after being hit in the calf, his fastball speed dropped to around 140 km. He could not exceed 140 km in the process of dealing with Hong Chang-ki, the last batter.

In two of the last three games, including the game against LG on the 2nd, he failed to complete 5 innings. Coincidentally, they are all LG games. Song Myung-ki was strong with 2 wins and 1.30 ERA in 8 matches until last year, but this year he is struggling with only LG. Meanwhile, until the beginning of the 5th inning, LG and NC are facing each other 2-2.


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