“I can’t go back to baseball 30 years ago” Even old pitchers are welcome, will lose weight and revive

Madison Bumgarner (34, Arizona Diamondbacks), the ‘big game pitcher’ who led the San Francisco Giants to three World Series championships, is a typical ‘old school’. Expressed in our own way, in the style of ‘Kkondae’, he was angry at batters’ bat flips and home runs and forced them to be polite. 

However, the pitch clock and the pitching time limit introduced in the major leagues this year have been positively responded to. Furthermore, he showed interest in attaching and throwing ‘Pitchcom’, a sign exchange equipment. 스포츠토토

Having made his first appearance in the exhibition game this year against the Cleveland Guardians on the 6th (Korean time), he said in an interview with local media such as ‘Arizona Central’, “Everyone follows the same rules. I still want to go back to baseball 30 years ago, but we are not doing that.” 

“Of all the rule changes so far in my career, Pitch Clock is my favorite,” Bumgarner said. It won’t affect my pitching.” He also welcomed the change to speed up the game. 

On this day, Bumgarner threw a pitch-com on his belt. Pitchcom is a device for exchanging signs between pitchers and catchers, and was introduced last year to prevent sign stealing. When the catcher pressed a button on his wrist pad, the pitch and course were transmitted through a receiver to a small speaker attached to the pitcher’s hat. This year, the pitcher is also testing in an exhibition game so that he can send a sign to the catcher first by attaching a pitch-com. 

Bumgarner said, “I love using Pitchcom. Today I put it on my belt, but next time I can put it on my gloves,” he said. We are going in the right direction,” he said, positively viewing the league’s change for speedup. 

On this day, Bumgarner became the winning pitcher with 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs in 3 innings. Bumgarner, who also lost weight throughout the winter, said, “I have weighed between 240 and 260 pounds throughout my career, except when I was younger. Now I am close to 240 pounds,” he said, showing confidence in his physical condition, saying, “I am definitely healthy and strong after a long time.”

Bumgarner, who signed a free agent contract with Arizona in December 2019 for five years and $85 million, fell short of expectations with a 15-29 loss and 4.98 ERA over the three years until last year. He fell short of the regulation innings for three years, and in the second half of last year, he recorded 2 wins and 6 losses in 11 games with an average ERA of 6.50, showing a clear decline. Bumgarner, who needs a rebound, said, “Almost all of my time here over the past few years has not gone the way I would have liked. But rather than the past, I will focus on this year and the future.” 


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