Husband in motel with woman at dawn…court says “no foul play”

A court ruled that even if a husband was in a motel with a female member of his club at dawn, it could not be considered cheating.

On the 20th, the Gwangju District Court Civil Division 3 (Deputy Chief Judge Kim Hee-seok) ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Ms. A against her husband, Mr. B, and a woman, Ms. C, alleging that her husband had an affair.

Mr. B and Ms. C are members of the same club.

In February last year, they checked into a motel in Gwangju and stayed together for about two hours, starting at 2:30 am.

They met again a few days later at a sports field.

When Ms. A found out, she filed a lawsuit claiming that she had heard her husband and Mr. C talking about “wearing sexy clothes and making a big deal” and that they were cheating.

Cheating is a broader concept than adultery and includes any unfaithful behavior that does not fulfill a couple’s fiduciary duties.

However, the court sided with the husband: there was nothing to indicate that he and Ms. C were in a casually intimate relationship메이저놀이터.

“Ms. C sent an apologetic message to Ms. B saying, ‘I’m sorry I put you through this when all I did was listen to you,’ and both Ms. C and Ms. B completely deny any wrongdoing,” Judge Kim explained.

“It is difficult to reject Mr. C’s credibility based on his demeanor and the content of his testimony,” the court said, adding, “It is not enough to say that Mr. B and Mr. C’s cheating is presumed or proven, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.”

In addition, regarding Ms. A’s claim that she ‘heard the conversation between her husband and Mr. C’, the court stated that it was difficult to believe Ms. A’s claim in light of the contents of the 112 incident report, which stated that the wife (Ms. A) left the house due to an argument.


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