How do online casinos make a profit?

The fact that slot games are fair doesnt mean that casinos dont make money off them. Of course, they do. It is written into the algorithm of slots that they pay out less than people put into them. In the long term. This doesnt mean that you cant win in slots. Of course, you can. But if you play thousands of spins then you will probably lose. Even if you don`t then someone else will and casinos still show a profit. So pay attention and read our online slot guide carefully. 스포츠토토

Online slots have designed so that Theoretical Return to Player or the RTP is smaller than what you put in. Let`s imagine that you have 100€ in your casino wallet and you decide to make 100 spins with it in a popular slot game. Before you start grinding you check out the slot games information tab where it shows that the RTP of this particular slot is 98,5%. Cool, so what you ask? Well, this means that in the long run when you make 100 spins of 1€, you will end up with 98,5€. This is how casinos make their profit.


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