He was silent when he went on an expedition…Hollan, the Big 6 opponent finally exploded

Elling Hollan, who had been particularly silent during the Big 6 away game, finally exploded. 

It also scored against Arsenal, 카지노사이트 who were leading the Premier League.

Manchester City won 3-1 in the 2022/23 season Premier League round 12 match against Arsenal held at the Emirates Stadium on the 16th (Korean time). Man City won the match between the first and second place and rose to the top of the league by overtaking Arsenal. 

In the 24th minute of the first half, Kevin De Bruyne scored the first goal after Domiyas’ mistake. In the 42nd minute, Bukayo Saka conceded a penalty kick to tie the score, but in the 27th and 37th minutes of the second half Jack Grealish and Elling Haalan scored consecutive goals to secure a valuable away victory. 

Hollan continued to lead the league alone with 26 goals in 22 matches on the day. He opened up a 9-goal gap with second place Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur). 

Hollan has been running a lot of goals and showing an all-time scoring pace, but he has not scored against the big six teams. In particular, in the away game, he could not record a single attack point. 

Sky Sports, a British broadcaster, introduced Hollan’s away game record against the Big 6 team before the Arsenal game. Haalan has not scored in away matches against Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United. 

In particular, the match against Tottenham was humiliating for Haalan. He never touched the ball inside the opponent’s box. In the match against Chelsea, there were only two touches inside the opponent’s box. 

In the match against Liverpool, there were 14 touches in the opponent’s box, but all four effective shots were blocked by Alisson. 

Man City, in which Halan was silent, was sluggish with 1 draw and 3 losses in 4 away games for the big 6 teams until the match against Arsenal. 

However, Haalan managed to score in the match against Arsenal, scoring the first goal in the away game against a Big 6 team and giving the team its first away win against a Big 6 team this season. 


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