Gwangju High School, where there was a shortage of available students, is different this time

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of their season, but amateur players, who are the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching themselves for the new season.

The same goes for Gwangju High School. Although last season struggled with a lack of available staff, this time is different. Because 4 freshmen came. In response, Gwangju High School coach Woo Seung-yeon said, “I went to the competition last season, but it was very difficult. Due to the lack of available personnel, the practice match could not be performed properly. Team training was also limited in what I could do,” he said, looking back on last season.

Afterwards, “But this time, four people came up. Not everyone can be a good player. I am satisfied that new players have arrived as it is. And players who transferred from school will be lifted in June. I was able to play the season properly,” he added.

When coach Wu was asked about Gwangju High School’s team color, he smiled and said, “Actually, our team doesn’t have a special color. Not everyone has longevity. First of all, the basics are solid. That’s the most important thing. After that, the defense is emphasized. Defense is still the most important.”

He continued, “I can’t expect much from the attack because of my lack of individual skills. In order to make up for this, I will do a quick attack after defending. Even the big men know how to run. I want to play fast basketball,” he said, emphasizing defense and quick attack.

Gwangju High School is working harder as it lacks basic skills. Coach Woo said, “The players are working hard, and I now have a training tip. I am working out more this year than last year. The players are enduring the hard part well. We are raising teamwork through practice games. So far, things are going well according to schedule.”

However, the biggest enemy of Gwangju High School is injury. This is because players suffered minor injuries during practice. Coach Woo said, “It’s the first time I’ve trained so hard, so everyone is having a hard time. There are also injured people. The starting guard (Lee) Seung-won’s ankle turned badly. It’s going to be tough until this month. Byeongmu Yoo, a backup guard, also injured his ankle. I think I will have to rest until next week” and “Aside from that, (Kim) Tae-min will also have his disciplinary action lifted in June. Things are not very good right now. Still, I am doing my best to control the condition of the players.” 안전놀이터

Afterwards, when coach Woo was asked about Gwangju High’s key player, he said, “It’s (Park) Seong-ho. He is the team’s key player and captain. He has short competencies and lacks experience due to Corona. However, he gained experience by playing a lot last year. He also has good motor nerves. We have big men and guards on our team, but not many forwards. That is why it is more important.”

“He has good motor skills and good jumps. That’s why he has strengths in rebounding,” he said. “He is also good at outside attacks. It has a lot of activity, so it crosses the inside and outside. You have to be in charge of the atmosphere in our team.”

Lastly, Coach Woo said, “At first, when I was in charge of Gwangju High School, it was on a downward trend. But last year I went to the round of 16. I want to go one step higher this time. The realistic goal is the quarterfinals. If you go up step by step like that, there will be good results.”


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