‘Goodbye Bento’ tearful farewell… “The appointment of a new director will be completed in February next year.”

Four years ago, coach Bento, who was in charge of the Korean national team, stood at the press conference for the first time.

“I will play for 90 minutes and show strong Korean soccer,” he foreshadowed the improvement of Korean soccer.

But everything wasn’t smooth sailing.

For example, last June.

Criticism rained down when we lost big in the friendly against Brazil.

However, coach Bento said, “Even if you lose, how you get back up is important.”

Bento’s perseverance has borne fruit in the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar.

Remembering Korea’s soccer, which we loved until the end, it’s time to say goodbye to coach Bento.

Director Bento, who was leaving, said goodbye with reddened eyes.

This is reporter Park Joo-mi.


More than 100 fans gathered at the airport to send off coach Bento, who led the World Cup round of 16 after 12 years.

[Fan: “Obligado!”]

[Director Bento: “Thank you”] The

fans expressed their thanks in English and Portuguese.

At the warm farewell, Director Bento gave his autograph and responded with a bright smile.

[Lee Kang-san/Age 23/Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do : “It’s the test period, but it’s Bento’s last, so it’s only natural (I thought) to see him off.”]

Director Bento left a short farewell message to the affectionate send-off beyond expectations.

[Soundbite] Paulo Bento/National soccer team coach: “I’ve already told you everything (through the association). Everyone knows how I feel. I’m sorry.”]

We played on an equal footing with South American powerhouse Uruguay and defeated our home country Portugal to advance to the round of 16, cheering together. Director Bento.

When I hugged the Korean coaches I had been with for 4 years and 4 months from August 2018 for the last time, I ended up with tears in my eyes.

Director Bento left a farewell message saying that he thanked the players through the Football Association for giving them the opportunity to have an unforgettable and beautiful experience in his life.

Now Bento’s time is running out, and it’s time to find new leadership.

The Korea Football Association decided to appoint a master with a firm leadership philosophy, regardless of domestic and foreign leaders. 토토사이트

The National Team Power Reinforcement Committee plans to select the final candidates by January of next year, and finalize the appointment after individual interviews according to the priority of negotiation targets by the end of February.

From the FIFA A match period in March next year, Korean football will run toward the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America with a new coaching system.

This is Park Joo-mi from KBS News.


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