‘Golf Woo Young-woo’ Lee Seung-min participates in KPGA Korean Tour on his own

“I think I went from an intern lawyer to a full-time lawyer like the main character in the drama ‘Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo.’”

Seung-min Lee (26, Hana Financial Group), a golfer with autism and developmental disabilities, stood on the stage of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour on his own. Seung-min Lee qualified for the BizPlay Electronic Newspaper Open (total prize money of 700 million won) held at Cosmos Lynx (par 72, 7,404 yards) in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do from the 14th to the 17th through re-ranking (seed rankings adjusted for each competition during the season) points on his own. won.

Seungmin Lee, who became the first person with level 3 autism and developmental disability to qualify as a KPGA Tour professional in 2017, participated in 31 KPGA Korean Tour competitions, but was invited to all of them out of consideration by the organizers. He also participated in 9 competitions this season as a recommended player and made the cut at the Golf Zone Open in Jeju and the KB Financial Live Championship. In particular, at the KB Financial Live Championship, he tied for 37th place and broke his personal best score.

Seungmin Lee tied for 68th place in the Golf Zone Open in Jeju, earning 5 points, and tied for 37th place in the KB Financial Live Championship, earning 78.75 points, earning 83.75 re-ranking points in the first half of the year. Seungmin Lee, who was ranked 39th among those subject to re-ranking, was able to participate on his own in the Bizplay Electronic Newspaper Open, in which a total of 138 players participated. Seungmin Lee plans to participate in the 2023 iMBank Open after this tournament.토토사이트

Seungmin Lee was crowned the inaugural champion of the ‘US Adaptive Open’ hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) last year. The US Adaptive Open is a competition for golfers with disabilities. By ascending to the throne of this competition, Seungmin Lee created an opportunity to change the perception of his autism development disorder. Seungmin Lee, who took second place in the 2nd US Adaptive Open this year, has continued to appear in competitions and improved his skills, which led to the achievement of participating in the KPGA on his own.

Seungmin Lee smiled and said, “I am very happy to participate in the KPGA Korean Tour on my own. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who gave me the opportunity to participate in the tournament.” “I want to repay the support I received by achieving good results in the remaining competitions,” he said. “My goal is to work hard in the remaining competitions, achieve good results, and advance directly to the final stage of the Korean Tour Qualifying Tournament (QT).” Seung-min Lee will be placed in group 10 in the first round of the Bizplay Electronic Newspaper Open and play with Hyun-seo Park and Seong-gwan Lee in the first hole.

Meanwhile, defending champion Choi Jin-ho is aiming for his 9th win in this tournament. Han Seung-soo, first in prize money rankings, Park Sang-hyun, first in stroke average, and Kim Han-byeol, first in green accuracy, are also considered candidates for the championship. Lee Jae-kyung, second in Genesis points, and Kim Bio, who won a total of 9 wins in the LX Championship, also challenged for the championship.


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