From ‘Dad’s Chance’ to ‘Brother’s Chance’… Election Commission “Accepts Full Investigation”

The National Election Commission has convened another emergency meeting as the ‘preferential hiring’ scandal continues to drag on from ‘Dad’s Chance’ to ‘Brother’s Chance’.

It decided to actively cooperate with a full investigation by the National Human Rights Commission, but reiterated its stance that it would not accept the controversial audit by the National Audit Office.

Reporter Jung Hyun-woo reported.

This is the latest report on the ‘Suspicion of Preferential Hiring’ investigation submitted by the National Election Commission to the National Assembly.

It is the career hiring status of the children of former and current public officials in the fifth grade and above, and it was found that the children of four retired executives were hired at ‘dad’s workplace’ such as Incheon.

These are in addition to the six former and current officials, including former Secretary General Park Chan-jin, whose suspicions were revealed earlier메이저사이트.

The younger brother of a fourth-level official was promoted in less than a year after being hired for a career position, raising suspicions that it was a case of “big brother’s chance.

In the face of mounting criticism, the Election Commission convened another emergency meeting,

to conduct a full investigation by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Rights, which had been delayed.

[Noh Tae-ak / Chairman of the National Election Commission : (What is the core agenda of today’s meeting?) (Are you actively considering accepting the audit by the NEC?)…….]

It was decided to expand the scope of its own investigation to include spouses and relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity of former and current employees, and to refer the investigation of the first four suspects, including former president Park Chan-jin, to the police.

However, it vowed not to accept the controversial audit by the National Audit Office.

The reason given was that it was a constitutional practice not to have an audit for checks and balances between state institutions, and that it was against the relevant laws.

[Noh Tae-ak / Chairman of the National Election Commission : (You’ve been audited before. Do you think the situation has changed since then?)….]

Immediately, the auditors vowed to deal with the matter strictly in accordance with the law, as it is an act of refusing to carry out legitimate audit activities.

The National People’s Power also criticised the NEC for interpreting the law arbitrarily.

[Kim Ki-hyun / Representative of the People’s Power: Where is the right of the audited institution to choose to be audited or not to be audited? We ask you to actively stop these outrageous actions].

In the midst of this, the National Assembly-level national security investigation, which has a consensus among the ruling and opposition parties, is being discussed at the working level.

[Kang Sun-woo / Spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Korea: Recruitment irregularities are a matter that must be strictly revealed through an investigation, and I understand that there is communication between the leaders of both parties regarding the national investigation].

As allegations of preferential recruitment spread, the Bureau of Elections made progress by accepting a full investigation,

The criticism of the refusal of the National Audit Office to conduct an audit, the launch of a full-scale investigation by the police, and the push for a national investigation are overlapping.


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