From a failed catcher to an ace!…Na Kyun-an “The goal is to win”

Na Kyun
-ahn, who was selected as the first monthly MVP in his life, played an absolute role in Lotte’s rise to secure second place amid fierce competition.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun met Na Kyun-an, who changed her name from catcher to pitcher and became an ace.

From failed catcher Na Jong-deok to ace pitcher안전놀이터.

Lotte Na Kyun-an, who was reborn with a new position and name.

With a ERA of 1.34 and 4 wins, he also earned his first monthly MVP honor.

[Na Gyun-an / Lotte Giants Pitcher: I think the fans’ strength was the greatest than anything I did well, and I think I was able to win the MVP thanks to the help of my teammates.] At the name place I went to with Son Ah-seop’s

introduction I changed my name, but I think the current grades are the result of hard work, not the effect of changing the name.

[Na Kyun-an / Lotte Giants Pitcher: Just because he changed his name means baseball is going well, and he put in more effort and prepared more than others…] My goal is to keep

showing a good image as much as I was shaken in the recent pitching. [Na Gyun-an / Lotte Giants Pitcher: The performance was so bad, so I think I need

to prepare more in the future.

Fans’ expectations are getting hotter while watching.

[Kim Seong-hwan / Lotte Giants fan: Lotte’s life is changing a little according to the results of the game. Now that I’m doing really well, my life is good.]

[Lee Jin-hee / Lotte Giants fan: It’s okay to lose, so I hope you work hard until the end. Fighting!]

Na Gyun-an, the new ace who has become the support of the team,

is determined to run for the first championship in 31 years.

[Lotte Giants fans: Who are we? The strongest Lotte!]

[Na Kyun-an / Lotte Giants Pitcher: We will do our best to win the Korean Series. Fighting!]

This is YTN Lee Ji-eun.


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