Fierce battle for middle rank… Gwangju FC, aiming for the best record ever

Professional football Gwangju FC has been on the rise, recording an undefeated streak in the last 5 games.

Gwangju FC goes beyond survival in the 1st division and is sweating with the goal of achieving the best ever record.

This is reporter Son Jun-su on the sidewalk.


A mid-range shot that freezes 6 opposing defenders.

A goal scored without missing a pass penetrating into an empty space.먹튀검증

Gwangju FC extended their undefeated record to 5 games by scoring 3 goals against Daejeon, which was promoted to the 1st division. [Soundbite Lee Sun-min/Gwangju FC Striker ]

: “I think the part where I was able to enter the stadium in 100% condition was that I could have played a better game.”

The battle for mid-table is fierce with a difference of 7 points.

Eight games remain until the ‘Split A’ match between the top six teams.

Gwangju FC, which is currently ranked 5th in the league, is aiming to post higher grades than the 6th place recorded in 2020 beyond survival in the 1st division.

[Soundbite] Ahn Young-kyu/Captain of Gwangju FC: “Our players are also confident, so if we prepare well, we think that we can overcome the burden even if we are at the top.”] The key is the remaining games


Half of the remaining 8 matches must be played against top teams such as Ulsan and Jeonbuk.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo is determined to break through with attacking football based on organizational strength, which is the strength of Gwangju FC. [Soundbite] Lee Jung-hyo/Gwangju FC Head Coach : “I think the goal is to make Gwangju fans and

those who come to the stadium enjoy the game by playing aggressively every game.”

Gwangju FC is aiming for the best ever record.

Gwangju FC, which continues to rise, will challenge Pohang on the 13th to win the league 3 in a row.

This is Son Junsu from KBS News.


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