“Extra points for young women, a stick for male employees”… Staffing company representative’s rampage

The founder of a mid-sized company, who has been known to engage in all sorts of workplace harassment, including corporal punishment of employees with a stick, has been found to have promoted ’employment discrimination’.

According to KBS on the 26th, the founder and advisor of Korea’s largest labor dispatching company, The K-Tech, Ms. Im Goo, has been looking at gender, age, and even physical condition while hiring employees.

According to the report, an employee of The K-Tech posted a notice in a chat room where recruiters gathered, saying, “A message from the advisor,” that female applicants whose hobbies and specialties were piano and violin would be “accepted.” The notice also said, “Women under the age of 96 will be accepted.

Other instructions included, “Women born in 1996 or younger have extra points, so encourage them to interview as much as possible메이저사이트,” and “Don’t hire people from real estate and law departments.”

During the recruitment process, Lee allegedly repeatedly made discriminatory remarks such as “male employees are easier to scold,” “XX people over 190 centimeters tall have no head,” and “if you come from a law department, you have no planning skills.”

Earlier, Lee was fined 5 million won by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for habitual corporal punishment and assault on employees.

KBS Capture

Lee ordered employees to “get down and dirty” and beat them with a stick, and demanded excuses or cut their salaries because he was unhappy with their work. In one case, employees who were mobilized for a “company art festival” were made to practice singing late into the night.

“Executives and secretarial staff were also beaten by him,” she says, adding, “If you do something wrong, I will beat you again. One employee was reportedly tasked with running errands for Lee’s cigarettes and even managing the bidet in his private restroom.

Current law prohibits discrimination in employment based on gender, age, and physical condition, and employers can be jailed for up to five years for assaulting workers.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor said that in response to the KBS report, it plans to inspect all violations of the Labor Relations Act within The K-Tech and take strict action against any violations.

Following the controversy, companies that had dispatching contracts with The K-Tech reportedly expressed their intention to terminate their contracts. Lee apologized in a statement on the 26th and said he would step down from both the registered director and advisor positions.


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