Even with the FA reinforcements, this bad phrase ‘Post Lee Dae-ho’ Han Dong-hee…”I just need to do well”

Lotte Giants Han Dong-hee (23) made up his mind.

Han Dong-hee is the Giants’ present and future. Although she is in her early twenties, the expectations of those who look at Han Dong-hee are high. As Lee Dae-ho retired at the end of this season, Han Dong-hee’s shoulders became heavier. Still, as Lotte recruited FA players from the Stove League, Han Dong-hee was relieved of the burden. Nevertheless, Han Dong-hee gritted his teeth, saying, “I only need to do well.”

Han Dong-hee, a graduate of Gyeongnam High School, wore a Lotte uniform as the first nomination in 2018. Han Dong-hee, who had high expectations from the time he joined. He started in the opener of his 2018 season and made a spectacular debut by hitting a double. Since then, she has accumulated experience step by step in the 1st and 2nd divisions, and since 2020 she has stood tall.

As his opportunities to participate increased, Han Dong-hee also stretched. In the 2020 season, he played in 135 games and recorded 128 hits, 17 homers, a batting average of 0.278 and a slugging average of 0.436, hitting his first double-digit home run in his debut. He continued his upward trend in the 2021 season as he hit 17 home runs.

He also hit 14 home runs this year. However, this is not a satisfactory result. Even at the beginning of the season, Han Dong-hee seemed to be able to easily pass 20 home runs. He had good pace as much as he did. During the month of April, he recorded 38 hits in 89 at-bats, 7 homers, a batting average of 0.427, and 22 RBIs, leading Lotte’s high-flying streak. Han Dong-hee also enjoyed the honor of being selected as the MVP in April.

The modifier ‘Post Lee Dae-ho’ was not a waste. However, the momentum could not be maintained. Injuries caught on. The problem was that I had endured the pain in my side and ran. I tried to hold on, but in the end I had to take a forced break due to an injury. Even after his return, he could not maintain his performance. In this way, Han Dong-hee left a record of 14 homers, 0.307 batting average, and 0.458 slugging percentage in 129 games. 토토사이트

Han Dong-hee is also very greedy to leave better results next year. Lotte also hopes that Han Dong-hee will show off his improved skills. This is because there are not many resources that can give Lee Dae-ho a long hit in a situation where he has retired.

It is fortunate that there are reinforcements who can ease Han Dong-hee’s burden. He recruited catcher Yoo Kang-nam from the free agent market and also embraced shortstop Noh Jin-hyeok. Although not as much as Lee Dae-ho, he can relieve the burden of Han Dong-hee in the lineup.

Han Dong-hee said, “I also recruited good players. That’s why I think I just have to do well. Anyway, I think good players will do their part enough. Really, I think Lotte will achieve good results if I do well.” promised to


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