Even if you kneel barefoot, ‘Puck-Puck’… The perpetrators are parents and older brothers

In the middle of Gangnam, Seoul at dawn, a middle school girl was assaulted by her parents and older brother. The family’s statement is that they were punished for refusing hospital treatment, but the police are separating the child from the family and leaving open the possibility of criminal punishment for the perpetrator.

First, this is reporter Kim Ji-wook’s exclusive report.


At dawn on the 15th, at the entrance of an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul.

A middle school girl runs down her path in her bare feet, followed by an adult male at breakneck speed.

The man who caught the middle school girl hit the abdomen, then grabbed the student who fell on the street and pulled her by the hair and hit him repeatedly.

Moments later, another man looks around as if looking for someone, finds them and joins the assault.

They don’t care when passers-by pass by.

Moments later another woman appears and the middle school girl falls to her knees on the asphalt floor as if frightened of her.

Women kick and step on these middle school girls several times.

Men also hit her middle 스포츠토토school girl’s abdomen and face, far from stopping her teeth.

This is where the assault took place.

The assault on the child continued for about 20 minutes in the middle of the crosswalk with cars.

The police, dispatched to a report by a passer-by, found all the perpetrators in nearby apartments. They were parents in their 40s and a high school student brother living in the same house.

In the investigation conducted by the police and the district office, the parents stated, “The child was asked to fill out a questionnaire in advance for hospital treatment, but the child refused and was punished, and while being punished, he ran out barefoot and caught the child.” It is said to have been done.

The police separated the victim from the home and moved it to the ‘Abused Children’s Shelter’, and charged the parents and older brother with child abuse and domestic violence, respectively.

For them, an emergency measure was decided today (19th) to prevent them from approaching or contacting the victim.


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