Enduring a special attack and successfully counterattacking with ‘Triangle Choke’… Kim So-yul’s 2nd win in a row since his debut

Female kickboxing star Kim So-yul (26), who defeated a world-class kickboxer, defeated a former European top judo player this time and won two consecutive victories in her One Championship mixed martial arts debut.

Kim So-yul won the 2012 European Judo Federation (EJU) Under-17 Championship Women’s -44kg runner-up Noel Grand with a ‘triangle choke’ at the opening match of ‘ONE Friday Fights 28’ held at Lumpini Stadium (capacity: 5,000 people) in Bangkok, Thailand on the 11th. He subdued Jang (27, France).

As a result, Kim So-yul, a former kickboxing star who is active in Asia’s largest group, ONE Championship, a mixed martial arts women’s atomweight stage, is on an undefeated streak of two consecutive wins.

‘ONE Friday Fights’ is a brand launched by One Championship in Thailand in January 2023. On Fridays, competitions with kickboxing and mixed martial arts, centering on Muay Thai, the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, are being held.

Kim So-yul drove her momentum by defeating Suris Manfredi (35, France), who experienced a K-1 -52kg title match at ONE Friday Fights 7 in March this year, and vomited her spirit to defeat even Grand Jean.

On this day, the ‘ONE Friday Fights 28’ Lumpini site unilaterally supported the Thai-French/Dutch Grand Jean. 먹튀검증

However, Kim So-yul defeated the silver medalist of the Judo European Youth Championship by grappling in 3 minutes and 57 seconds of the second round of the first match of the tournament.

Following world-class kickboxer Manfredi, he even defeated Grand Jean, a top European judoka. The mixed martial arts ranking system ‘Fight Matrix’ further raised Kim So-yul’s rating from 12th to 8th in the women’s atomweight class.

In the first match of her One Championship in October 2022, Grand Jean knocked out winner Lee Bivins (21, USA) of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF)-World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) Under-17 Unified Championship by TKO with punches and her I gained confidence in hitting.

The One Championship official website explained the situation before her second-round counterattack was successful, saying “Kim So-yul survived her stormy first-round onslaught after conceding a fatal right hand strike to her Grand Jean.”

Kim So-yul brought out her skills, recording her 6 wins and 1 loss in her kickboxing competition ‘Max FC’. The One Championship homepage analyzed, “The Korean slugger increased her hitting speed and applied intense pressure. When Grand Jean, who was slow, aimed for her judo-type throw, he rather took the mount and succeeded in her triangle strangle.”

Even before she surrendered with a ‘guillotine choke’ from Manfreddi, she liked her blow to Groggy with her right hand against World Championship Champion La Atu Haae (Myanmar Boxing). Kim So-yul showed a high level of perfection in mixed martial arts in her One Championship two consecutive matches.


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