Elementary school students attacked at school… I don’t even know who the perpetrator is

Last week at an elementary school in Daejeon, a first grader was attacked by someone presumed to be a student at the same school.

The child suffered a sharp wound on his arm, and the assailant has not yet been identified.

Parents of children are raising strong questions about whether the school’s response was appropriate.

Reporter Yang Dong-hoon reports exclusively.

On the 15th, parents of an elementary school in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon received a phone call from their 1st grade son saying that he had ‘injured his arm’.

The injured place is the hallway in front of the classroom메이저사이트.

It was about an unfamiliar student attacking him with a sharp object during lunch and running away.

[Mother of the victim student: I was sitting in class, and a child I didn’t know called me to play with me, so I went out and grabbed his hand, scratched it, and ran away… .]

There was a long wound of nearly 7 cm on the child’s arm, and it was expected that his scar would remain even after the treatment was finished.

Parents said that the child was injured, but they did not understand the school’s response.

Hospital treatment was urgent, but the infirmary only gave first aid and sent the child back to the classroom, and the homeroom teacher did not immediately notify her parents, so after school, she received a call from her child and learned that she was injured.

[Mother of the victim student: We will take you to the hospital, so please come there.” .]

The initial response to the incident was also questioned.

Someone attacked the child with an object that could be seen as a weapon, and it was said that efforts to find the perpetrator immediately after the incident were complacent.

In the end, now even the police have launched an investigation, but they are still unable to find out who did it.

CCTV is only outside the building and at the entrance, but not in the hallway, so there is no video that can confirm exactly who hurt the child and how.

In response, school officials said they were doing their best to find the perpetrator and would cooperate as much as possible in the police investigation. He said that he was also considering installing CCTV

in the hallway . After several days of not finding the perpetrator, even other parents are filing complaints with the Office of Education to relieve their anxiety quickly. [Parent of the elementary school concerned: Since the (perpetrator student) is not caught, then it may be time for a break, or another victim may come out at this time when he is about to go home… .] After investigating the first and second grade students, the school announced that it would deal with this issue as a school violence case by expanding the perpetrator investigation target to other grades. 


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