“Dylan Brooks is recognized around the world” Houston general manager’s belief

Brooks captured the heart of Houston’s general manager.

Houston Rockets general manager Raphael Stone recently had an interview with ‘KPRC 2 Houston.’ Director Stone highly praised Dylan Brooks’ performance at this event.

Houston signed Brooks to a four-year, $86 million contract this summer. However, there were also voices of concern regarding this contract. The problem was that Brooks’ performance was not what it used to be.

Brooks averaged 14.3 points last season. The record fell 4.1 points from the previous season, when he completed a career high. In the first round of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers, he averaged just 10.5 points in six games. Unsatisfactory shot selection, ups and downs, and excessive nervousness with the opposing player held me back.

However, Brooks succeeded in making a comeback at the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. He represented Canada at the World Cup and averaged 15.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and a 58.8% 3-point shooting percentage.

Brooks did not feel intimidated at all in the bronze medal match against the world’s strongest team, the United States. He scored 39 points, including 7 3-pointers, and gave his country a bronze medal.

Brooks’ value was also revealed in defense. He still showed off his strong defense and was selected as the best defender of the tournament. In response, Brooks expressed his confidence, saying, “I am the best perimeter defender in the world.”메이저사이트

Director Stone also applauded Brooks’ performance.

“I’m really excited to have Dylan Brooks on our team. He’s put on one of the most memorable performances of any player in recent memory. There are some strange and false rumors about him, but now the world knows that Brooks is a really good basketball player.” “I admit it,” he said.

Brooks had disappointing results last season. However, General Manager Stone and Houston believed in Brooks and gave him a large amount of money. Brooks is also gearing up from the Basketball World Cup to live up to expectations.

It remains to be seen whether Brooks can continue his momentum next season.


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