Dwight Howard “LeBron, come to Taiwan and be the head coach, manager, and trainer!”

Former NBA player Dwight Howard메이저사이트 (Taoyuan Leopards) sent a love letter to LeBron James.

Dwight Howard, who is currently enjoying a fulfilling second career in the Taiwanese league, recently sent a love letter to LeBron James, according to a report by CBS Sports.

“There are purple and gold jerseys here, too. We don’t have anybody wearing No. 6. It would be perfect if you took that number.”

The best part is what he said afterward. “You’ve been in the NBA for what, 35 years? You’ve broken all the NBA records. You’ve won the title of all-time best player there. When you come to Taiwan, you can be a manager, a coach, a trainer. You can be a chef, you can be a bus driver, you can do everything!” he said to James.

James, who is considered one of the greatest players of all time, made the comments after the Lakers were swept in the Western Conference Finals of the 2023 playoffs with an 0-4 record. James, who was born in 1984, holds the NBA’s all-time record for most games played.

Howard is reportedly living a happy life in Taiwan. He’s always recruiting NBA stars. Ben Simmons, Julius Randle, and others have been targeted. This time, it’s James. The chances of him moving to Taiwan are close to zero, but it’s certainly an interesting recruitment.


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