“Don’t wear Gucci and Louis Vuitton on your child”

Amid the expansion of the children’s luxury goods market, an article asking for attention, saying that if children wear luxury goods, they become targets of crime, is a hot topic.

On the 17th, in an online community, a post titled카지노사이트 ‘Mothers, don’t dress your child in luxury goods’ was posted. Author A said, “If you have a helper who will take full care of your child, a person who will help you get to and from school, or a driver, you can of course wrap them in luxury goods.”

“There was a group of parents who dressed their children in luxury accessories such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton keyrings and backpacks,” he said. .

Mr. A said, “It’s hard to see disappearing at school, but it’s even harder outside school.” “Even if I explain to the lower elementary school children, ‘Don’t follow anyone,’ ‘Don’t change them,’ and ‘Don’t give them away,’ they become wary after playing together on the playground for 10 minutes. disappear,” he said.

“When a stranger appears on the playground with a cute puppy, the reality is that children are distracted by the puppy, let alone be wary,” he said. Parents continue to wear them and get them stolen. Please refrain from wearing luxury goods even for the sake of your child.”

Netizens who saw the story responded with sympathy, such as, “This article is not about criticizing parents who wear luxury goods. It is not a part where teachers say they will take care of them at school.”

One netizen said, “My friends said they would just give it to me if they asked for it. My child also said, ‘You can buy it again’, but he taught me that he will not buy anything again and that he should not give away what his parents bought for him.”


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