“Don’t eat this rice cake” Why CU is recalling all of its popular sticky rice cakes.

Convenience store CU has recalled all of its ‘Fresh Cream Sticky Rice Cakes’ released last week within a week.

BGF Retail, which operates the convenience store CU메이저사이트, announced on the 26th that it has decided to recall both ‘Choco’ and ‘Black Sesame’ products due to possible quality deterioration in the ‘Fresh Cream Sticky Rice Cake’ product.

‘Fresh Cream Sticky Rice Cake’ is a product filled with cream inside a sticky rice cake and was released on the 17th. It was released with a shelf life of five days, but it was reported that some deterioration occurred, such as mold blooming, even though the expiration date had not passed.

CU said, “We understood that some product spoilage occurred due to the heat wave that came early,” and said, “We plan to re-release the product with a shorter shelf life.”


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