Dizzying injury from a blow to the head, Doosan Dylan returns to Korea after recovering in Australia

Doosan Bears foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle was unable to board the plane to Korea with his teammates due to an unexpected injury.

Doosan, led by new head coach Lee Seung-yeop, returned home through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 on the evening of the 7th. After successfully completing the 2023 Spring Camp in Sydney, Australia from the 1st of last month, they set foot on Korean soil.

Director Lee expressed satisfaction, saying, “The spring camp training went very well. The weather was good and even the lights were on the baseball field, so I wondered if I had trained too much. I returned after exercising well.”

But Dylan did not return home with his teammates. Currently, while staying in Sydney with one Doosan front desk staff, he is coordinating the timing of his arrival in Korea. This is because of an injury sustained during training at the end of last month.

Dylan suffered a dizzying injury from a hit to the head during live pitching training late last month. He underwent a thorough examination in Australia and devoted himself to recovery, but dizziness still remains.

Doosan judged that Dylan’s condition was not serious, but it was unreasonable to board a plane for a long time while he had not fully recovered. Internally, the club is expecting to return to Korea next week.

However, even if Dylan comes to Korea, it is unclear whether he will start the regular season opening series on the 1st of next month, as well as the demonstration game in March, as it will take time to start pitching again after a close examination at the club’s designated hospital.

Director Lee explained, “Dylan is resting after being discharged from hospital in Australia. When he is in good enough condition to be able to fly, he will come to Korea.” .

Regarding the possibility of starting the 2023 season opening series against the Lotte Giants in April, he emphasized that he should watch the trend, saying, “I have to come to Korea and get a checkup.”

Dylan, who is from the United States, is a right-handed orthodox pitcher. During the spring camp in Sydney, Australia, Dylan showed sharp pitches in the bullpen pitching, drawing favorable reviews from coach Lee and other coaching staff.안전놀이터

Although he has no experience in the major leagues, his potential has been recognized, such as being ranked 25th in the team’s prospect list during his minor league days at the Milwaukee Brewers. 


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