Director Kim Ki-dong’s entry ticket “The goal is to win… a good result if the fans give strength”

Coach Kim Ki-dong (51), who leads the Pohang Steelers, asked fans to cheer for the K-League 1 championship. 스포츠토토

Coach Ki-dong Kim participated in a press conference at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Jeju on the 6th and mentioned the possibility of winning.

After taking the leadership tower in 2019, coach Kim opened a new heyday for Pohang football, including runner-up in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League in the 2021 season.

Coach Kim, who finished the season in 3rd place in the league last season, said, “I told the players that winning is the goal,” making them look forward to the next season.

The following is a Q&A from director Kim Ki-dong.

-I’m curious about Shin Jin-ho’s handling of the hiatus.

Since the contract is up until this year, I thought that the club and I would go with Shin Jin-ho. I thought there would be no problems now, but suddenly (Shin Jin-ho) left the team and became very busy. In the process of looking for a replacement for (Shin) Jinho, he chose Kim Jong-woo.

(Shin) Jin-ho and (Kim) Jong-woo have different soccer styles, so it will not be easy to adapt to the team right away. need a little bit of time. Jin-ho also showed a lot of good looks last season, but I think Jong-woo will be able to adapt to the team like that because he had a hard time adjusting at the beginning of the 2021 season.

-I want to know what made the decision to recruit Kim Jong-woo.

He is a player that our players also liked. I heard a lot that Jong-woo also wants to join our team. We didn’t have many midfielders to choose from, but when he was called up to the Olympic squad for the Rio 2016 Games, he made a good impression.

He’s a good technical player. After depressing, the pass can go well. The difference from Jinho is that Jinho can spread the ball widely, and Jongwoo can hit and run in tight spaces. If Jong-woo comes, he can lift the other players up. In that regard, he recruited Jong-woo.

-I had a lot of worries about foreign players, but I brought Jeka.

He is a player who bothered us a lot when he was in Daegu. He trained briefly, but I felt that he was a player who set an example for the players by sacrificing considerably for the team and working very hard when training. However, I took a little break due to a slight injury during training in Hanoi, and with the birth of my first child, I am now in Brazil and will be returning tomorrow.

Anyway, after Ilyuchenko left, there were a lot of difficulties, but with Jeka coming in, I think it will help in scoring.


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