“Did you come to look for your daughter?” Samsung Vice President in his 60s Visiting ‘Woldipe’

“Right now, teenagers are looking for an iPhone unconditionally. They said they wanted to use and own an ‘iPhone used by college students’ tutors’ rather than ‘Galaxy used by mom and dad’. This is the reason why Galaxy participated in the ‘World DJ Festival’ this year in line with the MZ generation’s eye level and taste.” Korea’s representative EDM (electronic music) festival ‘2023 World DJ Festival’

held at Seoul Land in Gwacheon on the 2nd and 4th . There were people in their 60s who visited this festival filled with young people in their 20s. Kang Bong-goo is the Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea. Vice President Kang, who was born in 1962 and is well over 60 years old, personally visited the ‘Woldipe’ event site for three days. Vice-president Kang said, “There were only three executives and me among the young people,” and “I heard the story of ‘Are you the father who came to look for your daughter?’” In order to target the MZ generation , I thought I had to experience the most ‘hot’ place where the MZ generation gathers.

Samsung Electronics Galaxy is working hard on ‘inside marketing’ for the MZ generation. It is a willingness to shed the old image of the Galaxy brand and communicate with the younger generation. This year, he participated in ‘Woldipe안전놀이터‘ as the main sponsor and set up a booth next to the main stage. The booth also displayed the Galaxy S23 Ultra , which is called a must-have among idol fans for its ‘100x zoom’ function . Visitors to the booth were able to film a DJing performance taking place on a stage about 100 meters away.

It’s not just Waldip. Last month, it also launched a limited edition Galaxy model, the Galaxy S23 Super Matcha Picnic Edition , in collaboration with Super Matcha, a casual matcha brand . It was released in a limited quantity of 1,000 units and sold out within 12 hours of advance reservation. At the beginning of this year, we opened a ‘Galaxy Studio’ in Seongsu, Hongdae, and Yeonnam, Seoul where you can experience the Galaxy S23 series. The reason why Galaxy is passionate about marketing for the MZ

generation , even executives, is ‘teenage customers’. It is judged that the Galaxy brand could be in jeopardy if it is pushed out in marketing for the MZ generation, when teenagers have the ability to consume. still MZ

In the generation segment, Galaxy’s market share is not far behind the iPhone. According to Gallup Korea, as of last year, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone accounted for 44% and 52% of smartphones among 18-29 year olds, respectively. The Galaxy share has increased more than in 2021. The previous year, the Galaxy was 39% and the iPhone was 52%.

The reason why the share of the new Galaxy has increased in a year is explained by the influence of the Galaxy Z Flip series, which is a foldable phone. In particular, in the case of women aged 18 to 29, the share of Galaxy, which stopped at 32% in 2021, rose to 36% last year.

However, when today’s teenagers have the ability to consume in the future, the story may change. Vice President Kang said, “Teenagers are introduced to the Galaxy for the first time through their parents, and as a result, they get the impression that the Galaxy is a ‘smartphone of their parents’ generation.’”


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