Defending champion Korea Republic suffers 2 total losses to ambush Australia

On the first day of the Hanwha Life Plus International Crown, a national competition on the LPGA Tour, Korea was humiliated by an ambush Australia with two total defeats.

On the 5th (Korean time) at TPC Harding Park (par 72) in San Francisco, California, USA, Korea played the four-ball method (a method of counting good scores as a team score after each play) on the first day of the tournament, Jin-Young Ko – Hyo-Joo Kim and In-Jeon Jeon – Choi Hye-jin’s team sortied, but were defeated by Australia’s Hanna Green-Sera Camp Joe and Lee Min-jee-Stephanie Kiriaku’s, respectively.

Korea was the winning team in the previous tournament, 2018, and the red light in defending the title grew. Since they suffered a total defeat on the first day, they must win the remaining two days to advance to the finals. Korea clashes with Thailand on the second day of the tournament. Thailand is on the rise after winning two matches against Japan on the day, so a tough fight is expected.

Ko Jin-young and Kim Hyo-joo were 메이저사이트consistently dragged by Green-Kemp and lost by two holes to the 17th hole. Green is on the rise after winning last week’s JM Eagle LA Championship in overtime. After the game, Ko Jin-young said, “Australian players are in very good condition. Still, I tried my best to follow along, but my strength was a little lacking. I want to work a little harder because I have to win the remaining two days to advance to the finals.”

Jeon In-ji and Choi Hye-jin also lost to Min-ji Lee and Kyriaku by two holes. Jeon-Choi, who fell behind by one hole to the 17th hole, could have earned 0.5 points by drawing a draw if he won the last hole, but failed to make a birdie and fell to his knees. Choi Hye-jin said, “It is the most regrettable thing that I missed even though there were several holes in the beginning. Even though she was losing a lot, she kept saying ‘I can do it’ with her sister, and she tried to stay strong,” she said.

The top seed, the United States, struggled 1 win and 1 loss against the bottom seed, the 8th seed, China. The pair of Nellie Koda and Lilida defeated the pair of Li Niwe and Yin Luoning by a two-hole lead, but the pair of Lexi Thompson and Daniel Kang lost to the pair of Liu Yue and Ruishin Liu by a one-hole lead.

Thailand won 2 matches against Japan. The Ataya Titikun-Patty Tabatanakit pair beat the Saso Yuka-Furue Ayaka pair by a one-hole lead, and the Eriya-Moriya Jutanugan pair beat the Hataoka Nasa-Shibuno Hinako pair by a two-hole lead.

Sweden won two matches against England, which was weakened by a sudden player change right before the tournament began. Sweden took the lead in Group A, beating the United States.


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