‘Day of Destiny’ Korean women’s handball challenge to qualify for 11th consecutive Olympics, final match against ‘rival’ Japan

The fateful day has dawned. The great challenge of the Korean women’s handball team toward the 11th consecutive Olympic final begins.

The Korean women’s handball team, led by coach Henrik Signel (47, Sweden), will play the final match against Japan at 3 p.m. on the 23rd at Maeda Housing Dong-gu Sports Center in Hiroshima, Japan. Korea beat India (53-14), China (33-20), and Kazakhstan (45-24) one after another and won three consecutive victories. If you catch Japan in the last game, you will achieve the great goal of advancing to the Olympic Games 11 times in a row. From the 1984 LA Olympics to the 2020 Tokyo Games, Korean women’s handball took the stage for 10 consecutive Olympic finals. This is the only record for both men and women in Olympic handball history.

A total of 5 countries will participate in this tournament, and the rankings will be decided in a full league format. The first place goes directly to the Paris Olympics. The final fate of the second place will be determined through an intercontinental playoff (PO). Except for the 2004 Athens Games and the 2008 Beijing Games, Korea went directly to the Olympic stage through Asian qualifiers. In 2004, after placing second in the Asian qualifiers, she won a ticket to the Olympics by placing third in the World Championships. In 2008, after placing second in the Asian qualifiers, he won a ticket by placing second in the Olympic qualifiers hosted by the International Handball Federation (IHF).토토사이트

The final opponent is Japan, the ‘fateful rival’. In the previous record, Korea has an overwhelming advantage with 40 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses. However, we cannot prejudge the results of this competition. The ‘home team’ Japan is flying high in this tournament. India (54:17), Kazakhstan (50:28), and China (35:18) were defeated in turn. Korea and Japan won 3 matches side by side. However, Korea ranks second in terms of goal difference, behind Japan by three goals. A final victory is a must.

The will burns. Song Hye-soo (24, Gwangju City Corporation) said, “It’s a bit of a burden because it’s a game in Japan. But we’ve prepared a lot for the game against Japan, and I think we can get good results if we play as we’ve always done.” -The other day, you shouldn’t even lose to ‘rock, paper, scissors’. I will do my best with the determination to win unconditionally.”

Coach Signel said, “The game against Japan will be completely different from the matches we have played so far. said.

The secret name is the ‘scary maknae’ Kim Min-seo (Samcheok City Hall). Kim Min-seo, born in 2004, is a talent that shines in the 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League Women’s Rookie Award. She also played a big role in the championship match, leading Samcheok City Hall to win the championship. The championship MVP was also his share. He led Korea to the championship at the 17th Asian Women’s Junior Handball Championship (U-19) last month and won the tournament MVP. Coach Signel said, “Of course, I think (Kim Min-seo) will do well in the Korea-Japan match. The national team is a place where competition is fierce and only the best players are gathered. Because he is young and talented, he can perform well enough in the match between Korea and Japan.”


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